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Justice League: Movie Review


Following the critical and box office success of Wonder Woman, it is easy to say that audiences have a renewed interest in Justice League. The team up film starring Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman,) Ben Affleck (Batman,) Jason Momoa (Aquaman,) Ezra Miller (The Flash,) Henry Cavill (Superman) and Ray Fisher (Cyborg.) This is a continuation of Batman v Superman, where an inspired Bruce Wayne tries to live up to the same ideals as the Man of Steel. This time though he is investigating what he sees as an impending invasion from an alien force, the same force hinted at in the deleted scene from Dawn of Justice. Seeking help from Wonder Woman to recruit people with special abilities to stave off the invasion, that is the basic premise of this film.

Now overall this is a film that will be enjoyed by people who are familiar with the comics and the backstory of the protagonists. If you are just a casual moviegoer who doesn’t really know much about DC I suggest waiting for it to come out as Blu-Ray to release. There is always a push nowadays it seems to say that a film is made for the fans, but in this case I agree. There are images in the film that people would’ve never thought they would see in their lifetime, but they are right there like a comic book come to life. There are issues with the film in terms of the overall package, one example being that one major conflict in the film seems a bit forced and to come out of the blue. It even seemed that this film was made to fix past issues that arose in Batman v Superman as well as set up things for future films. This affected the plot and flow of the film a bit yet not as bad as it could’ve been, just made the overall plot seem a bit thinner.

The approach they took in introducing and developing interest in the new characters was well done and again as stated before left you wanting to learn more about them. The weakest of these characters was Cyborg, where he seemed to be used merely as a prop for exposition more so than an active team member. I hope that this gets corrected in future installments knowing that he has such a big potential in terms of abilities and storylines, you could even introduce the Teen Titans through him if you wanted to. The best-developed new cast member seemed to be Aquaman, where he was given a clear yet short back-story and introduced a bit of his underwater world. It just gave us a taste but it left the viewer wanting more, I feel they focused on this because that is the next film that is slated to come out for DC. Of the older characters in the film, being Batman and Wonder Woman, the better written of those characters was Wonder Woman by far. There were instances where it showed that she not only had external but internal conflict, which lead to a more well rounded development in her character. Batman on the other hand was a bit more linear and predictable; it was a bit clear one why this was since he was the driving force behind the plot, which as said earlier was a bit thin and predictable.

In terms of editing and having Joss Whedon come take over the film as director due to the Snyder family suffering a tragic family loss, the editing seemed cleaner and seamless compared to previous films. The thought that there would be a clear distinction between what Whedon and Snyder shot was there for sure, since in Suicide Squad the obvious mix and mashing of various edits was apparent. This was not so in this film, the editing was far more thought out and one couldn’t for sure make out what had been shot by what director, which is good. Now the tone of this film compared to the previous film is a lot lighter and filled with some one-liners a la Whedon. This is apparent but for the most part they seem to work, yes there are some issues with it but what film is perfect? The Flash was the biggest proponent of these one-liners, but that is fine since even in the comics he is the comedic relief and smart mouth. Everyone else had a few here and there but not to excess, which is another positive. One of the other issues seemed to be how Bruce Wayne still seemed to be lacking in the detective and smarts department. I personally just wish that they would incorporate his intellect as displayed in the comics to these movies too, he just seems to depend too much on Alfred and not his intellect which is very unlike Batman.

In the end, this film is a far better product than Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad but at the same time a necessary bridge for what is to come next, which seems very promising. People must remember that you have to lose some to gain some at times and this film seems to be aware of that and willing to do it. I would say go watch it if you’re a fan of the comics and lore but to general audiences I would be a bit more wary or just do my research on the characters before going into this film.

Justice League (2017)
 Director: Zack Snyder / Joss Whedon
Studio: DC/ Warner Brothers
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: November 17th, 2017
Author: Raymundo Ortiz
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