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A Quiet Place Movie Review

It’s no secret that 2017 was an outstanding year for horror and genre films, a year which culminated in Academy awards for genre films Get Out and The Shape of Water. A Quiet Place looks to keep that momentum going as it is the first truly great horror film of 2018. Packed with as much […]
Mother Featured Image

Mother! Movie Review

All film is subjective. It’s an obvious thing to say, but a film like Mother! should come attached with a reminder of this. Darren Aronosky’s latest directorial effort will likely be one of the most divisive films of the year. However, it is also one of 2017’s most daring and powerful films. Mother! is not […]

Fences Movie Review

Fences Movie review: Denzel Washington takes on mounting Fences from the stage to the screen and serves not only as its lead but as its director. In Denzel Washington’s third directorial feature, he tackles an emotional and significant American story adapted from August Wilson’s play by the same name. Washington reprises his former Broadway role […]

Loving Movie Review

In a world where superheroes and summer blockbusters dominate the movie world, it’s refreshing to see there’s still a place for quiet, thoughtful films. Directed by Jeff Nichols, Loving is an evocative counterpoint to the CGI spectacles that usually lack emotional punch. Nichols showed remarkable restraint, as did his cast. This film addresses a topic […]

True Story Movie Review

As I was grabbing my popcorn and hot dog at the concession stand before the film started, I started wondering what “True Story” would be about. I hadn’t heard any press or reviews about the film (apparently, that’s what I’m here for), so I was kind of filled with a good sense of anticipation. James […]

THE AGE OF ADALINE | Enchanting New Poster & Movie Trailer

Adaline Was Ageless Until She Found Something Timeless. In THE AGE OF ADALINE, Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) survives a car accident that miraculously keeps her from aging. Since then, she’s had to keep this a secret and has tried not to get too close to anyone. However, meeting Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) will make her reconsider everything. THE AGE OF ADALINE follows […]

Belle Movie Review: Raised as a Lady

Period pictures are often a gamble.  Victorian era classism, wardrobe and semantics can be a lot of excess for anyone to swallow in today’s modern day and age.  Or perhaps we’ve just become lazy – something akin to the lack of appreciation one may have for the works of Shakespeare or Jane Austen.  But then, […]

The Lucky One Movie Review

One knows what to expect when walking into a movie adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book. Insert a typical plot of two lovers facing unbearable levels of resistance to their romance and the steps they take to overcome them. We all know whats coming and yes, The Lucky One delivers! After serving three tours in Iraq, Logan […]

The Vow Movie Review

The Vow Movie Review – Let’s call them ‘moments of impact’ – those moments that, when added together, make us who we are… for better or worse. There are moments of curiosity, of adventure, of our first pet, of change, of our favorite restaurant, of sadness… and of course, various forms of love. It’s within these […]

Red Tails Movie Review

Red Tails Movie Review – Set against the backdrop of the skies above 1944 Italy at the height of WWII, Red Tails opens up on four squad fighters in pursuit of a low-profile target. Nicknamed ‘Easy’ (Nate Parker), ‘Lightning’ (David Oyelowo), ‘Joker’ (Elijah Kelley) and ‘Junior’ (Tristan Wilds), these four fly outdated P-40 fighter planes […]

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Movie Review

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Movie Review – Directed by Steven Daldry Written by Eric Roth (screenplay), Jonathan Safran Foer (novel) Haley Joel Osment. Dakota Fanning. Macaulay Culkin. I’m not a big fan of child actors. They tend to overact. Their big doting eyes emoting what the directors have told them to do. It’s hard to […]