Alien: Covenant Movie Review

Following the unexpected positive reception of Prometheus comes the film Alien: Covenant, which is set between Prometheus and the original Alien film. So this thankfully completes the overarching storyline of the entire Alien franchise, I do not include the Alien vs Predator films because those are spinoffs. I went into this film feeling optimistic and looking forward to a decent time, what I got instead was predictability and repetition.

It was the typical horror/survival film and hit every note and trope one would expect from this kind of film. Adding to that very predictable formula was the lack of depth in the characters they were mere shells of what their characters could have been. You had your stereotypical characters in this movie, you had the doctor, the weapons expert, the tech expert, etc.; but THAT was the extent to the depth of their character development. You found yourself feeling more for the xenomorphs, the actual star of the film, than you ever do for the human characters. I was never truly invested in the character development for any of the actors because I knew in the end they were all basically cannon fodder; not even Michael Fassbender because his journey was predictable too.

Mind you this film starts out alright but once the first victim is out of the picture there is a noticeable decline overall in the film. As stated earlier, Fassbender is back in this film as an android from Weyland Industries, not David but Walter a newer version of David. His acting was very cold and stiff, but that is expected since he plays an android. All of the other characters make up the new crew heading to a remote planet to colonize it. Along the way they encounter a different planet that at first seems like a paradise but for one problem. I will stop there and let you fill in the blanks.

Now the most frustrating thing about this film wasn’t the plot, it was what the characters did and their lack of common sense. We have a film that sacrificed intelligent characters in order to further the plot and complete a very basic story, wish they‘d come up with a way to tell a good story without having to sacrifice character development. I found myself not caring for any of these characters, living or otherwise, at one point I found myself saying don’t do that to the screen but they still did it. People expect characters to have similar logic and smarts that any average person has, even more so since they are charged with colonizing a new planet; yet that doesn’t

The visuals throughout were very well done, Ridley Scott did a great job with them yet the sounds in the vacuum of space have me thinking of Neil deGrasse Tyson and how he would say that is terribly wrong and I agree this is basic science get it right? I do understand why they have sound in space, it would be a bit more boring if it weren’t with sound. The one good thing of this film is that it brings the Alien story full circle with the origin of xenomorphs. In the end I would recommend waiting for this film to be available via rental or whatever way you get your movies to watch at home.