The Conjuring 2 Movie Review

The Conjuring 2 Movie Review: From the first time I heard about a sequel for The Conjuring, I was as excited as a little boy; but also terrified… What if the sequel is not up to par with the original? The Conjuring has given me hope for the Horror genre, since it has been one, if not the best, horror movie in recent history. I didn’t want it to go out with a crappy sequel. For me, this was bitter sweet.

Faith, I have faith in James Wan, I kept telling myself. He has not let me down yet. Dead Silence, Saw, Death Sentence, Insidious, The Conjuring & Furious 7 are what I consider to be hight quality films that I have submerged myself entirely. Faith and Hope it all that I had.

James Wan returns to helm his latest offering. The Conjuring 2 is based on the Enfield Poltergeist story from the 70s which it is classified as the most documented Haunting in history. Also returning to their prospective roles are Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. But enough with the introductions, lets get to the review…

The opening scene gave me chills. All of my worries instantly disappeared as the camera panned out from a very distinctive window. A window that every horror fan knows about. This is it, this is the set up. You are experiencing history…

With Amityville as a backdrop, a horrific tale begins to unwind. You see images, visions and sequence of events that took place that night in Long Island, all from Lorraine’s perspective.  This is where you learn that Lorraine and Ed are the real deal, real life demonologist and the experts in their fields. This part of the film is very short but very informative. So please, don’t miss the beginning. Get your popcorn and sodas early.

Lorraine and Ed Warren then travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

The Conjuring 2 has everything a horror fan needs. The movie isn’t overly reliant on jump scares but there are a few of them. The difference here is they are used brilliantly. Twice I jumped out of my sit and even though you think of them to be cliché in a horror film, they are genuinely creepy. Love that feeling!!!

The non-horror element of the film are stupendous in my opinion. The film provides you with a little bit of comedy relief and it will have you laughing out loud in some parts of the movie. Needless to say the story moves at a very good pace, not rushed. You soak everything in. The noises, the screams, the panic… Nothing goes to waste.

The evil entities (there are two) are portrait in different manner. You might not warm up to them in the beginning but by the end of the film, their presence will be felt by you when you get home at night, when all the light are out. Maybe when you have to use the bathroom in the middle on the night.

As expected, the casting is spot on. We know what Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson bring to the table but the show was stolen by Madison Wolfe. Her portrayal of Janet Hodgson was remarkable. Very believable. 

I have said this before, James Wan is a master in sending chills down your spine. And I quote “The ability to send chills down your spine is a form of art and James Wan is a master at it”  You don’t believe me? Check out my review for The Conjuring.

All in all, you will feel satisfied. You will get your horror movie fix. At the end of the day, a good horror movie is hard to come by and you will cherish this movie for years to come. So take your friends, girlfriend, wife, kids to see this film. They will thank you forever.

During the end of the first set of credits, you can hear the actual recording of Ed Warren talking to Janet

The Conjuring 2