Equalizer 3 Movie Review: Robert’s Back for More Action and Justice

OVERVIEW | Equalizer 3″ surpasses action movie expectations with its deep narrative, Denzel Washington’s remarkable return as Robert McCall, and a balanced approach to violence. Set in scenic Southern Italy, McCall’s life takes a perilous turn as he protects friends from ruthless crime bosses. Exceptional character development and impeccable pacing keep you engrossed in this extraordinary action film that redefines the genre. Don’t miss it.

Equalizer 3 Movie Review

Equalizer 3

Director: Antoine Fuqua
Studio: Sony Pictures
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: September 1, 2023

Our Score: B

There is a certain degree of expectation that fans have when it comes to action movies. Explosions, frantic pursuits, and bone-crunching clashes are all standard fare. But what distinguishes a genuinely exceptional action movie is its capacity to rise above these cliches and tell a narrative that connects on a deeper level. “Equalizer 3,” the latest installment in the franchise, does precisely that, and in my opinion, it stands head and shoulders above its predecessors.

Robert McCall, once a government assassin, has found his redemption and solace in serving justice for the oppressed. In this chapter of his life, he’s chosen to live in the picturesque Southern Italy, a place seemingly far removed from his shadowy past. However, as fate would have it, trouble finds McCall in the form of ruthless local crime bosses who have entangled his new friends in their web of corruption and violence. As events take a deadly turn, McCall assumes the role of protector, confronting the mafia head-on.

As the talented performer that he is, Denzel Washington effortlessly reprises the character of “Roberto” McCall. His presence on screen establishes the high-stakes drama that is about to take place right from the opening scenes. Denzel makes it very evident that McCall’s past is a heavy burden he carries with him and is going to resurface by adopting a weathered and world-weary lo

What’s particularly striking about “Equalizer 3” is how it handles the theme of revenge. Action films often tend to revel in gratuitous violence, but this movie takes a more measured approach. While there are intense action sequences, they serve the narrative, never feeling excessive or gratuitous. It’s a testament to Denzel’s commitment to the character that, even as an older actor, he keeps the action within the realm of McCall’s abilities, making it all the more believable and engaging.

The film’s storytelling prowess truly shines as it develops. It doesn’t rely solely on action to keep the audience entertained. Instead, it takes its time to build the characters and the world they inhabit. Each character, no matter how minor their role, is meticulously crafted and given depth. In a movie with this much action, this is unusual. You’ll develop a strong emotional bond with McCall and every person he meets along the way, which adds depth to the action-packed scenes.

The fact that “Equalizer 3” never loses your attention is among its most outstanding features. When switching between character-driven moments and powerful action sequences, the timing is nothing short of flawless. At no point during its runtime did I find myself disengaged or checking my watch. This film is a rollercoaster of excitement, and it never lets up.

Furthermore, the film’s setting in Southern Italy adds a unique and visually stunning backdrop to the story. The picturesque landscapes and vibrant streets create a vivid contrast to the dark underworld of crime and corruption that McCall is entangled with. It’s a masterful use of setting to enhance the overall atmosphere of the film.

In conclusion, “Equalizer 3” is not just a great action film; it’s a masterclass in storytelling within the genre. Denzel Washington’s reprisal of the iconic character Robert McCall is nothing short of spectacular. The film’s measured approach to violence, coupled with its extraordinary character development, sets it apart from the typical action fare. I didn’t just watch this movie; I lived it, emotionally attached to every character’s journey.

If you’re looking for a top-tier action film that delivers on every front – from gripping storytelling to well-executed action sequences – “Equalizer 3” is a must-see. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in search of an rare cinematic experience. This film isn’t just good; it’s astonishing good, and it redefines the standards of what an action movie can achieve. Don’t miss it.