Deadpool Movie Review

It’s fair enough to say that if you hadn’t heard anything about Deadpool that you have been missing out on one of the most cocky-sons-a-bitches that has ever graced a Marvel comic book. Ryan Reynolds new “superhero” film totes itself as just an action film but realistically it is a Action-Rom-Com with little to no drama. Which to me is a nice refreshing change of pace from other superhero films. With big launches coming up of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad , Deadpool will more than likely be the best of the three to be true to their characters and their comic book nature. I’d like to start off this review with a giant-ass disclaimer that there are no spoilers for this movie there isn’t anything that suddenly unveils something about the Marvel universe matter of fact this origin movie literally stands on its own away from any comparison to Disney’s: Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man… damn that list is long. Anyways, second disclaimer is this : DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN to this movie. I’m sorry parents I get it, the cost of the ticket is cheaper than a babysitter but seriously this movie isn’t for children. There is more than foul language there is more than just the standard breasts and booty shots of naked women, it definitely would require a soccer mom arm save to be at the ready any time while watching the movie… and realistically how can you enjoy a movie that way?

Ryan Reynolds is Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL.

</END RANT> So Deadpool starts off as any other origin story we get to see the character as they are today with little sprinkles of flashbacks for background story. In the present moment sarcastic and witty Wade Wilson refuses to let anyone else get the word in edge wise. Which is probably good because the only other people worth talking to in this movie is TJ Miller’s character Weasel, Wades BFF and bartender and Karan Soni: Deadpools go to taxi driver Dopinder. It’s not that the other characters aren’t interesting they just don’t have anything to me that progresses the storyline. Ryan Reynolds himself is a gem, that shouldn’t surprise you it’s like Deadpool was written for him he’s charming witty and an ass all at the same time. Remember earlier when I said Deadpool is a cocky guy? He is, he’s also sharp as a tack thanks to some pretty fantastic one liners and breaking the fourth wall throughout the script. For this reason alone you should go and see this movie, as well as you will find yourself maybe liberated by his honest or even crass mentality it’s actually quite endearing. As for the moments of action they are as expected at this point from Marvel films they are big and they have a lot of great detail, what I appreciated is that due to Deadpools bullet driven/katana driven fighting style made it fun to watch by adding a little comedy to it. It’s also important to mention that the marketing for this movie has been done to paint the picture of this being a love story and to a point it definitely is, which is why I categorize this as a Action-Rom-Com.

Cinematography speaking for these action scenes they are all so well coordinated that the most I can say about it is that everything looks very clean and bloody all at the same time. Oh not to mention this movie has some pretty sick tracks (a la Guardians of the Galaxy).

So, because this is an origin story we find out how Wade Wilson became Deadpool and it’s important for me to say this but this movie is very tongue in cheek, it is very sarcastic and hypocritical of every other superhero film before it. Which was nice and almost refreshing. Wade Wilson’s origin story doesn’t have any amazing surprises hell the villains aren’t really even that villainous they’re really just more of bad guys who just do bad things they aren’t working towards some greater evil, there’s no outlined plan for evil happenings or acts of terror. Which is why the bartender and the taxi driver are more interesting than all other characters. If you want to try keep a scorecard of all the many references and one lines Mr.Pool makes to all other superhero cinema or even to Ryan Reynolds blunder as Green Lantern and I’m sure at some point you will just give up because there are that many, which I loved.

In summation Flossers here’s a breakdown:

  • DO NOT TAKE KIDS (Ages 11+ Required)
  • The bad guys aren’t really that bad and the good guys are all hilarious
  • This ain’t Disney/Marvel so don’t expect it to be.
  • Don’t forget to play Spot the Stan Lee, you wont be disappointed.
  • Deadpool is the “Merc with a Mouth” for a reason, let the sassy comedy ensue.

That’s it Flossers enjoy this one it’s definitely a fun movie with no real story but it’s probably going to be better than Ben Affleck playing Batman.

By Natasha Paiva – Former MovieFloss Critic