Ouija Movie Review. Play By The Rules Or Pay The Consequences

Ouija… ring a bell; bring you back or maybe even a flash back.. Most of us had the choice to try and summon someone from beyond, but those who were smart passed. Now whether you are a believer or not you gotta agree that the thought of it is creepy. Now a movie just came out based around the popular Hasbro board game Ouija. Yes, Ouija! Just in case you don’t know the rules: you should never play it alone nor should you play it in a graveyard and lastly YOU always say good-bye.


Well let me start by saying that most of us don’t play by the rules and that when things go wrong. So on that note, this movie starts with just that; not following the rules and to be honest, séance session shouldn’t be something to mess with if you’re not ready for the repercussions. Ouija starts with group of high school friend who are just your typical teenagers who like to hang out. Not knowing that their friend Debbie (played by Shelley Hennig) had any issues or worries – they find out she committed suicide; skeptical of that, Debbie’s best friend Laine (played by Olivia Cooke) sets off to find the truth and the truth leads her and her friend through this paranormal endeavor in which this horror story unravels.

Ouija does portray a real scary haunted house; lights turning off, mirror reflection unexplained noises, moving of items, spooky ghost, and a lot of suspenseful moments which I did enjoy, but always wonder why lights are never turned on when anyones enters a room. To have a cast of unknown (ok well, maybe some of you will recognize Laine’s Boyfriend Trevor played by Daren Kagasoff from “The Secret Life of the American teenager”) the acting was not bad and their reaction to thing were more on the level of what normal people would do and not your usual ones like those stupid shower scenes and or sex moments like all others. Being PG-13 this movie is really meant to capture teenage movie goers but I do admit that the scares are great and some scene even make you jump a bit outta your seat. Kudos to whomever designed the sets as they were great and believable and the music score was well placed. You do get an unforeseen twist that when you think about it, it made sense.

I would have loved it to be a true horror flick but being based on a board game I thought it was really well written and directed. For being released 1 week before Halloween I would recommend you to see it but just don’t expect to watch a box office blockbuster as once again it is PG-13 but coinciding that it was a good movie

Just remember to floss before you see it as you might second guess doing it when you get home. So Happy Hollo-flossing and remember to Always say Goodnight.

Movie Title

DIRECTOR: Stiles White
STUDIO: Universal
GENRE: Horror
RELEASE DATE: October 24, 2014