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World War Z Movie Review – Brad Pitt takes on Zombies


World War Z Movie Review – Inevitably, when a film receives bad publicity prior to its release it tends to fall flat with audiences and cannot pull itself out of the curse. Surprisingly, I really think that Brad Pitt’s latest movie, World War Z, will be able to rise from the ashes so to speak. Although, it was marketed as a zombie-apocalypse-end-of-the-world movie, it truly is just a well-formed action film.

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The zombie genre is pretty played out in my opinion. Whether its TV shows like Walking Dead or films such as I Am Legend, zombies and every aspect of their plausible existence has been turned into some sort of fanfare and overly dramatized production. Needless to say I was not expecting much out of Pitt or his movie.

The movie starts out just as you would expect. Brad Pitt’s character Gerry is a family man who has quit his “important” government job to be with his family. When disaster strikes and people are turning on one another, he and his family are summoned to a safe zone where he learns that he must help to find “the cure” or his family will be returned to the un-quarantined areas of the world (and yes I said world because this film focuses on the rapid epidemic that knows no regional barriers). We follow him around the world as he researches and comes face to face with living dead, trying to figure out how to save humanity.

Director Marc Forster delivers a solid action film that happens to include zombies; and it just works. Between car chases, explosions, heart racing scare the soda right out of your mouth moments and finally, an epic flight scene (be forewarned if you didn’t have issues with flying before, you will now) you will be sitting on the edge of your seat throughout the 116 minutes. I didn’t even check my watch once! The plot line does a good job of not venturing into the ridiculous. So much so, you might find yourself saying “hmmn I guess it really could all go down like this.”

Now if I may speak about the zombies themselves. In the past, the walking dead are usually portrayed as slow movers, who apparently loose all cognitive abilities and therefore are rendered nothing more than mindless killing machines. Forster took a different approach. His zombies move with a quickness and although they are mindless eating machines, they also have the ability to adapt. They make other zombies look like a walk in the park.

The bottom line is this: World War Z does not try to out do itself. Forster and Pitt both did a great job of sticking to what is tried and true – a whole bunch of action, a plausible plot and a dash of in your face scare tactics. It earns its PG-13 rating honestly, but doesn’t rely on gory scenes to increase your adrenaline. The 3D effects probably won’t impress you that much, but then again that shouldn’t be the focus. The storyline takes center stage and stays there.

World War Z Movie Review