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What Men Want Movie Review


What Men Want gives us yet another gender-swapped reboot of a classic film but, unlike other attempts at doing what the past already did best, this movie gives Mel Gibson a run for his money. Ali Davis, played by Taraji P. Henson, is quick witted, headstrong and able to navigate the “boys club” of her ad agency with ease, even before she can read their minds. She even runs faster in heels than her wonderful-but-typical sassy gay assistant, truly a feat to be recognized.  

If Louboutin racing isn’t enough to get you to the theater, drug-dealing psychic Sister, played by Erykah Badu, should do it for you. Other familiar faces like Tracy Morgan, Kellan Lutz, Lisa Leslie and even Shaq pop up throughout this film. The casting crew definitely deserves props here. I couldn’t imagine a better actor/actress to play any character. Richard Roundtree is Skip Davis, Ali’s widower father, and he plays a paternal figure like Morgan Freeman plays God. He probably smells like good advice, unconditional love and warm hugs. These characters are believable and relatable to today’s current social and pop culture climate. You root for and against them and are shown on more than one occasion to never judge a  book by its misleading cover.

Though many devices used in this film are done over and over in rom-com’s seen round the world, isn’t that why we love them so much? I went into this movie looking to laugh and have a feel good moment and that’s exactly what I got. 

This movie gives you all the rom-com must-have’s:

    • Unexpected love interest? Meet Will, ridiculously good looking bartender, played by Aldis Hodge. 
    • Pack of strong female friends? There is a bachelorette party scene, inflated dicks included. 
    • Witty sidekick for banter? Of course you remember the sassy gay assistant.
    • Montages? Cue Jill Scott’s “Golden”

I laughed, gasped and oh-no-she-didn’t-ed (we’ll just all agree that’s a word for the sake of this article, thanks) my way through this movie and I loved every bit of it.

What Men Want
DIRECTOR: Adam Shankman
STUDIO: Paramount
GENRE: Comedy, Romance
RELEASE DATE: February 8, 2019
AUTHOR: Alex Samples