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Jordan Peele’s Us Movie Review. Here to Terrify You Once Again


Jordan Peele’s Us Movie Review ; Hello Flosser Family! It’s been a while, a little too long, I might say. So, here’s a review of a film none of you (if you’re long time readers) would have expected from me. This is a review of the horror film Us. Correct, a horror film. I saw it – granted through covered eyes at times but I saw it. And… it was wonderful. It took some time for me to come to this conclusion because as you may know I’m not a horror fan, nor do I watch enough horror films to consider myself an aficionado but this movie wasn’t made for me, it was made for those viewers who love the in depth idiosyncrasies of the horror film genre. You’ll notice I use the term HORROR multiple times, because I fear that some genre-heads are going to say no, this movie is a : Thriller, Suspense, Drama, or Mystery simply because the movie industry fears to applaud a thoughtful horror film. 

This is not to say that there are not elements of thriller, suspense, drama and mystery-there are, but that isn’t what culminates to make a great horror film? I wouldn’t know exactly because again I’m not horror film fan however that doesn’t make me inept to the fact that a good horror film needs those elements to function. Or that an amazing horror film needs to poetically balance those elements like plates spinning on poles to set the entire room at unease.

The Wilson’s look out from their front door as the invasion begins.

I notice I’m getting a little ahead of myself probably because I’m so out of practice. So let’s start from the beginning. US by writer, director Jordan Peele is the second film by the ex-comedian (not really ex because I’m sure he still does Comedy,) starring Lupita Nyongo (Black Panther, Seven Years a Slave) and Winston Duke (Black Panther) . The film begins as we follow a young family traveling to their vacation home in Santa Cruz, California for a quick get-a-way trip when literal hell breaks loose and people begin to be attacked by mysterious people in red jumpsuits. Our central family is led by Winston Duke as Gabe Wilson and Lupita Nyongo as Adelaide with their two children Zora and Jason. From the moment the family returns from a quick day trip to the beach and boardwalk forward the first 40 minutes of this film plays out as an eerie home invasion. The second you think you understand how the film will twist and turn the unexpected happens. 

Adelaide Wilson scared for her life in US.

What I enjoyed about this film and how it was done was that for some demonic reason, there are these lighthearted quips, reactions and moments that set you at ease when you shouldn’t be. That balance of comedy and horror does not remove you from the film as one would expect but instead reinforces this unmistakeable reality of the Wilson families situation. 

I obviously can’t and shouldn’t spoil the rest of the film as the Wilsons fight for their lives, I will say this-the twist of the film is either something a horror fan would expect or something a horror fan may ignore as the obvious explanation. Either way it should leave you with a few questions such as :

– Does the knowledge you have at the end of the film change your perception of right and wrong? 

– Does the concepts of the film underlying throughout the discourse allow you the right to side with one Wilson over another ? 

– Once you understand the end of the film does it change how you would have responded in the moment of those events? 

These are the questions I’ll leave you with as I don’t have the answers but I’m happy to discuss. Overall, not only was this movie dynamic in the casting, acting and delivery but it was also horrifying. It left me thinking which is why groups like the Film Academy will say it’s a drama or suspense to avoid the term Horror like the plague even though there is horror in every corner of the film. 

DIRECTOR:Jordan Peele
GENRE:Horror, Suspence
RELEASE DATE:March 22 2019
AUTHOR:Natasha Paiva


Natasha Paiva Natasha Paiva is a San Diego native born and raised along the shores of Ocean Beach and hills of Point Loma. Natasha is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in English Literature, California currently she writes in her free time while working full time for a tech company. She hopes to one day see one of her scripts produced into a film, or one of her books published.