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Throwback Thursday: TMNT

Throwback Thursday: TMNT



No it isn’t Saturday morning cartoons! It’s Throwback Thursday. Remember when you were a cool kid that desired nothing but extremely cheesy pizza and a katana? Yeah I remember back then too. That is why today’s Throwback Thursday is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aka TMNT. As a refresher or for those of you who are youngin’s and can’t remember back that far TMNT is about 4 little turtles that are changed by a mysterious compound of ooze in the New York City sewer system into a team of super-hybrid crimefighters. They don’t learn the art of Karate by luck either they are taught by their master Splinter a rat who teaches them all the ways of the ninja.

When I was a kid you had to pick which ninja you were and I remember going simply off of color but if I had to choose now I would still pick Donatello (PURPLE!). This is because like Donnie I would like to outwit or outthink my foes, and I want a bo staff really bad too. Now that I am older I think back on watching this movie with my sisters and how we all could agree on one thing being a ninja was really cool. However this movie also set some really bad expectations for myself in life, NO PIZZA will ever look that delicious or have it’s cheese stretch that way. This is extremely depressing. Who doesn’t want pizza that has super stretchy delicious cheese?


This is a classic ninja film and should definitely be watched with the whole family. My nephew is nearing 3 years old and he currently watches the TMNT tv show that airs on Nickelodeon and although it deviates from the original storyline of a chemical compound that changes the turtles for an alien race that has mutated the DNA of the turtles forcing them to become anthropomorphic and where Splinter was once a human changed by the aliens into a giant rat, I appreciate that my nephew has a love for the show and characters that I loved. There are even times where he refuses to be called anything but Leonardo the Blue Ninja Turtle (my nephew is still very young and chose Leo because he loves the color blue).
If you still own the original on VHS I highly suggest scrounging up a video player and ordering your favorite pizza for this Thursday’s Throwback to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Or do a search on youtube the entire 1st and 2nd movie are on there!

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