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Throwback Thursday: Kevin Costner

Throwback Thursday: Kevin Costner


Kevin CostnerThis Throwback Thursday is going to be a Throwback to Kevin Costner, a man who has been in numerous classic films and will be playing Jonathon Kent in the upcoming Man of Steel film.

Costner is probably best known for his classic baseball film, Field of Dreams, which was made back in 1989, but two years before he was hearing voices to build baseball fields, Costner was busting gangsters as Eliot Ness in a movie everyone and their father should watch, The Untouchables.  If gangster films aren’t your thing then how about a good western like Silverado which not only stars a young Costner but also Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, and John Cleese.  After sitting through Silverado you can watch his other great western films Wyatt Earp and Open Range which I would recommend to anyone who enjoyed True Grit.

If you want some epic movies that are probably on many must watch film lists then you got Dances with Wolves, JFK, and Thirteen Days.

For those looking for a little crazy action you got Kurt Russell and Costner going 3000 Miles to Graceland in a film where a couple ex-cons rob a casino during an Elvis convention.  For those that want to see something with a little intrigue and a good twist you have the movie Dragonfly, where Costner once again hears voices, but this time from his dead wife.  Costner does have a list of romantic movies and romantic comedies like Tin Cup, Rumor Has It, and The BodyGuard, I can’t strongly recommend them, especially if you haven’t watched all the films listed above.

Costner has had a great career with many great films and even though his career has slowed and hasn’t been in a great film as of late, that doesn’t discredit the many great films this man has been in.  If you want a taste of how good this man can be, just listen to him on those Man of Steel trailers and hear the emotion of a father telling his son that he may have done the wrong thing by saving a life.  You can hear the sorrow in his voice, knowing what a great thing his son did, but the great cost that will come from it.  Now go watch one of the films I mentioned, there is a little something for everyone.