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The Purge Movie Review


The Purge Movie Review – This yearly event is a way to keep crime and unemployment at an all time low. The Purge takes place on an annual basis and lasts from 7pm to 7am and in these 12 hours, there is no prosecution for any crime committed within this time frame. Now, not all people partake in this outrageous event; James Sandin played by Ethan Hawk, a well off security system salesman is one of these people. He heads home to prepare for the start of this event, keep in mind that the wealthy can afford a high security system that locks down their homes with an impenetrable barricade, or at least they think so. Soon after the start of the purge a polite, well educated, pristine Stranger (Rhys Wakefield) knocks on their door..

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Also staring: Wife Mary (Lena Headey), daughter Zoey (Adelaide Kane), and son Charlie (Max Burkholder), and Edwin Hodge as the bloody Stranger. Their performances were good, but unlike Rhys Wakefield, the polite stranger, out did himself. His acting in this movie made me fear and hate him all at the same time. He aired on the side of the acting skills similar to that of the Joker in Batman as portrayed by Heath Ledger. His look, his stare, his arrogance made him my favorite character by far in this 83 min thriller.
The story line had its bone chilling moments and most of them were from the anxiety and tension building up within my own mind of what is about to happen and to whom? This is not a horror film by any means but it does deliver violence and bloodshed.

If you enjoyed movies like: The Strangers, Sinister and Straw Dogs then this is right up your alley. There were a lot of holes in the story and some of the characters stories never unfolded which leaves you wondering.

To live in a world which allows and applauds this type of activity who would want to live in it? What are the odds of your survival? Do you really know your neighbors and friends? And is there really anyone you can trust?

I recommend this movie even to those who are a bit wary about watching scary flicks. So with that said I give this movie a 4 out of 5 stars.

Safe night – everybody

The Strangers, Panic Room, Sinister, Straw Dogs (remake)

The Purge Movie Review


  1. Yeah see these are the scary movies I really can’t see. The realistic ones of people who are just crazy and just want to harm other people. That is why I can’t watch movies like The Strangers… the victim asks her killers “why are you doing this?” and their answer is “You were home.” NO THANK YOU. I’m sure my friends that like scary movies will like this though, I like that you felt mentally uncomfortable throughout it because I think that is the better part of scary movies.