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The Possession 2012 Movie Review

The Possession 2012 Movie Review


The Possession 2012 movie review – This movie is along the lines of the original Exorcist but in the now. The whole movie revolves around this wooden box that in the right hands can cause nothing but chaos. Right as the movie starts you get know the kind of power this box possesses.

The Possession Movie Review

The main character Emily (played by Natasha Calis) did a fantastic job playing this role. Her reactions and facial features just seemed to make you want to help this poor child anyway possible. Being that she is still a child in real life I truly commend her in this role. This movie had great actors in it like: Kyra Sedgwick as the mom (better known as Kevin Bacon’s wife), Jeffery Dean Morgan as the dad and Madison Davenport as the older sister.
A lot of the suspense in this movie is new for this genre and has you wanting to look away, yet wanting to see what’s happening. I enjoyed that I could only guess what was going to happen next yet the ending was unforeseen and made my jaw drop in disbelief.

I give this movie 2 1/2 stars this is because it’s based on a true story but it is hard to believe all those events really happened. After a supposedly scary scene, half the theater laughed. Not good. Although the scary parts were enough to make my heart hurt from jumping outta my chest. It did have a scare factor that makes you jump and even scream from getting startled but the believable factor is not there. I think if it was NOT based on a true story, it would get 4stars and be a good scary movie.


The Possession 2012 Movie Review