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The Mountain Between Us: Movie Review


Idris Elba and Kate Winslet star in the adaptation of Chris Martin’s novel The Mountains Between Us. Two time Academy Award nominated Hany Abu-Assad serves as director of this story of surviving despite the seemingly insurmountable odds. Winslet plays Alex Martin, a restless and sometimes reckless photojournalist, who convinces Elba’s character, the calm and collected doctor Ben Bass to charter a private plane when their flights become delayed due to an oncoming storm. The unlikely partners, plus an awesome golden retriever just named Dog, must rely on each other after their plane is wrecked atop a desolate snow covered mountain.

After their pilot suffers a heart attack mid-flight, the plane nose dives into the top of the movie’s namesake mountain, or is the mountain a metaphor? Hmm. Anyways, Alex is badly injured in the landing but lucky for her she’s stranded with Dr. Ben Bass. How much more fortuitous can it get than that? Well, as Ben struggles to care for Alex and endure their survival, she does nothing but ensure the opposite by constantly being a typical damsel in distress. The two have differing strategies on how to get out of their ordeal, and we eventually follow their journey towards the bottom of the mountain.

The survival aspects of the story were done well, it was intriguing to watch Ben handle obstacles and see his resourcefulness. It would have been less disappointing had they made Alex more of a match instead of an injured lump he had to contend with. Albeit Winslet’s character was suffering from a leg injury, they could have fleshed her out to be more of a contributor as well. I can’t really complain much since I was sold from the moment they added a dog to the entire film.

This film went through numerous incarnations with different writers, directors, and actors all having been attached to the project at some point but its final cast and crew seemed to be the best possible hands this story could have been in. Elba and Winslet can carry a slow building, and at times quiet drama such as this. The film takes an unlikely turn at the tail end, which makes it more predictable but it is an adaptation so I guess the loyalty to the book was necessary. Their dynamic added credibility to the unexpected love story, though the wrap up of this could have been done more subtly and less cheesy in my opinion.

The Mountain Between Us is long, which some might dislike but I believe this is essential in an adventure story such as this where you want to feel as though you’re stranded and desperate alongside the characters. It doesn’t provide as much dialogue as we’ve become accustomed to at first, which adds to the realness of strangers being stuck together that are forced to bond and who eventually fall in love in the life or death circumstances. This movie will definitely entertain moms with crushes on Elba everywhere.

The Mountain Between Us
 Director: Hany Abu-Assad
Studio: Fox
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Release Date: October 6th, 2017
Author: Roxy De La Cruz
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