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The Foreigner: Movie Review


Growing up in my family, I was from an early age bombarded with any and all Jackie Chan films. During my days of watching Spice World on repeat, I was gifted The Legend of the Drunken Master and I’ve been a fan ever since. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Mr. Chan back in action in front of the camera, and it is a welcome return. He seems to have mainly been doing voice-over for the past few years (Kung-fu Panda franchise, The LEGO Ninjago Movie) and like his formerly badass character, he is back in his forte.

The Foreigner is adapted from Stephen Leather’s novel, The Chinaman, and is directed by Martin Campbell who is known for other action films such as Casino Royale and The Mask of Zorro. Campbell wrangles a cast of action stars including Pierce Brosnan, who gets to use his real accent for once (I’m guessing), and Game of Thrones veteran Michael McElhatton, among many others.

In his latest return, Chan stars as a former special forces soldier, Quan Ngoc Minh, now living in England after narrowly escaping his home country and losing most of his family. Quan is a devoted father to his one daughter, played by Katie Leung (Harry Potter franchise), and lives a quiet humble life as a Chinese restaurant owner. On a quiet afternoon Quan drops his daughter off at a dress boutique, the family becomes an unlikely casualty of a nearby bombing. Quan loses his last remaining family member to the group claiming to be the Authentic IRA , which sets him off on the path for revenge where he will utilize the training he had in his former life.

Quan’s only hope for discovering the assailants is forcing Liam Hennesy, played by Brosnan, to divulge the names of the Irish terrorists. Hennesy, a former IRA member and now a top government official, seems to be working toward the same goal of sniffing out who conducted the attack. The two are at times at odds with one another, but ultimately after the same thing – revenge, though for varying reasons. Chan, per usual, takes on and takes down dozens of goons and henchmen that are no match for him and does a lot of cool moves throughout.

I must confess, I have not seen Taken, though the films seem to have a similar plot. There are not very surprising or unique events that unfold, but I still enjoyed seeing Chan back in his usual role of formidable and unlike hero. He is always the one you root for, and his ability to do stunts and action scenes hasn’t wavered whatsoever. Some action films drag sequences on and on for way too long, lookin’ at you Bourne and Pirates franchises, but Campbell and Chan made sure to reign it in. If you’re a fan of Jackie Chan, I do believe you’ll enjoy his latest flick. I look forward to seeing what comes out of the next Rush Hour.

The Foreigner (2017)
 Director: Martin Campbell
Studio: SR Media
Genre: Action, Thriller
Release Date: October 13th, 2017
Author: Roxy DeLaRosa
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