The Flash Movie Review: Electrifying DC Adventure

The Flash

OVERVIEW | In “The Flash,” directed by Andy Muschietti, the titular superhero travels back in time, altering the timeline and encountering iconic characters while facing an impending invasion. Action-packed with nods to DC lore, it showcases Michael Keaton’s Batman and introduces Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. The film’s pacing and humor are occasionally flawed, but it delivers on nostalgia and impressive action sequences. A must-watch for DC fans, “The Flash” is a standout summer blockbuster.

The Flash movie Poster DIRECTOR
Andres Muschietti
Warner Bros.
Action, Adventure
June 16, 2023

REVIEW: The Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti, finds our titular superhero traveling back in time to prevent the murder of his mother and his father being charged for the crime. While attempting to go back to his present time, he’s met by a shadowy figure who punches him back to the past where he meets his younger self who has yet become the Flash. He soon realizes that by messing with the space time continuum, this timeline has no metahumans to defend the Earth from the oncoming invasion of General Zod who viewers remember from the Man of Steel film.  Knowing that Superman was the only one who could defeat Zod, he goes to Batman in hopes of locating the last son of Krypton. 

Based on one of the more well-known Flash storylines “Flashpoint”, Muschietti’s The Flash is a love letter to DC comics and reveres all of its iterations on film and television. Not only do we get the return of Michael Keaton into the batsuit but an introduction to a new Supergirl played by Sasha Calle as well. 

Featuring Keaton as this timeline’s Batman gives the actor the swan song he deserved had he been allowed to continue the role in its sequels. Keaton steals the film as he gets the best action sequences, and the hit of nostalgia is at an all time high. 

The Falsh 2023 2.jpeg

Sasha Calle is brilliantly cast in the role of Supergirl. She has a perfect mix of anger and strength while being vulnerable in the emotional moments in the film. 

Miller is great as an older Flash, who’s learned several new moves such as phasing through solid objects and matured since we last saw him. He does well in playing both roles, but the younger version could come off annoying at first but eventually grows on you. 

The action sequences are amazing. We get a badass Michael Keaton like we never seen before, and we get the best Flash sequences where he’s going faster than the speed of light. 

There are few complaints about the film. One of which is that the pacing is just too fast. There’s no room to breathe and it goes from sequence to sequence not allowing characters to flesh out. The big reason Barry travels back in time in the first place is to save his mother but they have only two real scenes together. 

The Falsh 2023 1.jpg

Another fault in the film is that it tries to be too funny. There are moments where the younger Barry first gains his powers and has to learn how to control them are played for laughs, but it could have been trimmed down. 

Prepare to go into the film and smile at all the throwbacks you’ll see in the film. You’ll know it when you see it. In the time of when so many films are using the multiverse as a plot point, this might be the best one. 

If you’re a huge DC film, this is the movie you’ve been waiting for. The Flash might be this summer’s best blockbuster film.