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Crimson Peak: Movie Review

Full disclosure here, gothic horror is not my bag generally speaking. I once knew a girl who insisted we sit around watching Bram Stoker’s Dracula at least three nights a week and by the end of that summer I wanted to dig up Stoker’s corpse, slap him awake and then slap him back to death […]

Woman in Gold: Movie Review

Before and during the years that would eventually be known as WWII, the Nazi party claimed thousands upon thousands of priceless art pieces from those it imprisoned, victimized, murdered and/or denounced – stolen works or art; many never to be recovered. The many crimes and odd interests of the Third Reich have been fairly well […]

Belle Movie Review: Raised as a Lady

Period pictures are often a gamble.  Victorian era classism, wardrobe and semantics can be a lot of excess for anyone to swallow in today’s modern day and age.  Or perhaps we’ve just become lazy – something akin to the lack of appreciation one may have for the works of Shakespeare or Jane Austen.  But then, […]

Mirror Mirror Revealed as Snow White Title

Mirror Mirror Revealed as Snow White Title – Relativity Media announced today that the long-awaited title for its upcoming spectacular reimagining of the classic Snow White fairy tale is Mirror Mirror. Filming for the comedy action adventure wrapped in mid-September under the stylish direction of Tarsem Singh (Immortals, The Cell). The theatrical release date is set for […]

The Rum Diary Movie Review

The Rum Diary Movie Review – When Hunter S. Thompson wrote The Rum Diary in 1961 he surely didn’t think he’d have to wait 37 years to see it published.  By the time the novel was released in 1998 Thompson had already achieved his cult-like status.  The Rum Diary was likely released to capitalize on the […]

In Time Movie Review

In Time gives its’ audience an alternative look at a different type of reality where time becomes currency and outer beauty and the ability to buy time is powerful. Everyone stops aging at 25, and that’s where the clock, inscribed on your forearm, begins to count down.  You are only given 1 more year to […]