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Suicide Squad: Movie Review


What happens when you get bad people to do good things? You get a ragtag bunch of Meta Humans who are forced into the Suicide Squad. This movie comes to us in the midst of the aftermath that was Batman v Superman, and after the impressive DC panel at Comic-Con that showed us new footage for Justice League and Wonder Woman. So with an audience having mixed feelings of the current state of the DC Universe (DCU) Suicide Squad was being met with a bit of apprehension. Despite all this apprehension, the cast and crew of this film kept promoting the movie with the release of great trailers and great panels.

Suicide Squad 6 The film itself was great overall, but not without its drawbacks, however minor they were. Whoever was in charge of casting these actors and actresses did an outstanding job, as the best aspect of this movie by far was the cast. Margot Robbie took the role of Harley Quinn and owned it completely; you can definitely see why she will be getting a standalone movie. Seeing Harley Quinn on the big screen threw me back to my childhood watching Batman: The Animated Series, although not voiced by Arleen Sorkin, she was able to capture the essence of that character and add her own spin to it with a bit of a darker tone.

Will Smith originally caused uproar with the comics fan, as his character, Deadshot, in the comics was originally white. He however managed to prove people wrong, in my opinion, by also just taking and owning the character with his own spin on it and dialogue you can tell that was written for him or with him in mind.

Those two by far got the most characterization and backstory, but that does not mean the rest of the cast did not shine in their roles. Viola Davis as the cold-hearted Amanda Waller was terrifyingly amazing. She played the part beautifully and was true to the character in the comics, cold and ruthless. The only character that didn’t quite hit it for me was Jared Leto’s Joker. When on screen with Harley, their chemistry was intense and manic. But without her, his actions seemed just strange, a bit over the top, and without substance. He was just there to help out with Harley’s backstory, honestly an unneeded cameo that would’ve maybe done better in Harley’s standalone movie that’s said to be coming up.

Besides Leto’s Joker, the main issues were with the film’s plot. Without spoiling anything, I wish there’d been a bit more backstory on some of the other Squad members, and wanted a bit more reasoning and ramp up to the main villain’s threat that the Squad goes up against.

Suicide Squad 5Other characters that we would’ve loved to see be better developed is Killer Croc, Slipknot and Capitan Boomerang. They were just thrown in there and not really given a back-story; the only forgivable one is Boomerang due to The Flash show. Again that is just my opinion as a fan of the comics, shows and what movies they have out as of now. The one thing that bothers me a lot right now is that the DCU is being compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) where that’s just not fair. We have to keep in mind that the DCU is just starting while the MCU has had ten years to flourish, why compare them when they are at completely different stages in their respective universes? All I can say is let the DCU find their groove and they will kill it at the box office, in my opinion more so than the MCU because in terms of team up stories DC is better than Marvel.

The plot is a bit predictable and you can tell where it is going; yet it is enjoyable due to the action and interactions amongst the characters. What was missing from the plot in this film was a bit more story development and giving the villain a motive on why they were doing what they were doing. There was no clear beginning of how this villain played into it till midway through the movie, and even that set up was rushed. Yet still the loose plot didn’t really bother me because the main focus were the characters, but that’s just my opinion.

The great cast and fun action sequences were just enough to help you not think too much about the thin plot. Maybe a shaky plot fits for a film focusing on a ragtag bunch of villains trying to do just maybe a tiny bit of good. The great thing that DC is doing is after introducing some heroes; they are now introducing a team of villains, something that Marvel has never done. That is a first in terms of hero movies and it is much needed too, yet Marvel I feel can’t really do that because they don’t have much similar to the Suicide Squad. Overall, Suicide Squad was a fun breath of fresh air in this current DC film lineup, and a great ramp up to the up coming Justice League film.


Suicide Squad (2016)
Director: David Ayer
Studio: Warner Brothers
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Release Date: August 5th, 2016
Author: Raymundo Ortiz
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