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Storks Trailer


We all know of the cute, if yet odd story about how babies are delivered to loving parents by storks. Well, it seems the storks have moved on from that, and in to package delivery (it makes more fiscal sense, obviously). Junior, top delivery stork up for a promotion, ends up with an unauthorized baby, that he’s desperate to deliver before his boss finds out. Adorable amusement ensues. Storks looks like an adorable movie from Warner Brothers Animation, with a pretty fantastic voice cast. The trailer definitely had a few chuckle moments for me and I have no doubt that plenty of children will drag their parents to go see this movie. I would even be tempted to go see this, just to hear the conversations afterwards of the kids asking their parents where babies really come from, but will most likely end up not seeing it. I’ll leave this one for the families with children who no doubt will enjoy it much more than I would.