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Stay Home Sunday: Jiro, Dreams of Sushi

Stay Home Sunday: Jiro, Dreams of Sushi



For a great stay at home movie that might even wet your appetite, I highly recommend the fascinating documentary, Jiro, Dreams of Sushi.  The movie follows 85 year old Sushi master Jiro Ono through his daily rituals on making what is possibly considered the greatest sushi in the world.  Jiro works practically everyday at his sushi restaurant where he charges around $300 a plate.  While the cost is large, the dedication, work, and detail put into making the sushi is even larger.

Jiro takes everything into consideration when making his sushi.  From choosing special rice made only for his restaurant, having specialist choose only the best fish, and spending hours massaging squids and octopus to ensure they have the right taste and texture.  Jiro doesn’t do all these things alone, with help from his son, a few employees, and some specialists, Jiro is able to not only better his cooking but also teach others.

What is so interesting about this film is Jiro.  Jiro is a really fascinating person whose dedication and humbleness keeps him wanting to better his craft even after spending his entire life honing his skill.  While Jiro’s dedication is great, it does border on the obsessive when we hear the old man complaining about not being able to work holidays because he hates taking a day off.

Jiro’s story is an uplifting one that will make you laugh and keep you invested.  The film teaches viewers so much about the art of making sushi as well as what it means to put your heart into doing something you love.  So why not kick back and relax, me get yourself some sushi, or not as whatever you get will be drastically under par in comparison.

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  1. I love this documentary, as a warning DO NOT WATCH on an empty stomach. You will be starving after 10 minutes, matter of fact make sure you have sushi with you while watching. This is an amazing film, highly recommend and is perfect for a night in that isn’t bogged down by story lines and explosions just a good ole fashioned documentary.