Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie Review

Spider-Man: No Way Home

OVERVIEW | All in all, I give Spider-Man: No Way Home a 9 out of 10 webs for its entertainment value! Definitely worth watching in theaters if you can and you’re comfortable doing so.

Spider-Man No way home poster DIRECTOR
Jon Watts
Marvel Studios
Action, Adventure
December 17, 2021

Fans rejoice! After two years since the last MCU Spider-Man was given to us, it is finally time for the next official installment of our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man into the MCU! And boy are you in for a treat! We first got teasers of this upcoming flick that gave us hints at Doc Oc and The Green Goblin making appearances that set the internet ablaze! Then, we finally got the first official trailer that further set the Internet ablaze and sent social media buzzing like crazy! Finally, the days are upon us and Spider-Man: No Way Home will be unleashed upon the public this weekend! 

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But first! It’s important to remember what happened at the end of the last movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming – Mysterio and his tech-goons framed Spider-Man via some slick editing from the drones to make it look like Mysterio was viciously murdered by Spider-Man all while J. Jonah Jameson reveals Spider-Man’s true identity to the world! If you can’t remember, feel free to look up any kind of Spider-Man MCU re-cap videos on YouTube. I personally searched “All Spider-Man RECAP: up to Spider-Man No Way Home,” to get a good video that’ll get you all caught up! Do it! It’s a good way to go into the new Spider-Man movie with a fresh re-cap! By now, we know there have been what feels like a ton of Spider-Man movies within the last decade, and that’s ok! Because if you’re a fan of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films, Marc Webb’s Spider-Man films, Sony/MCU Kevin Feige’s Spider-Man films or all of the above, this newest installment in the web-slinger’s big screen adaptations has something for everyone!

Now, back to Spider-Man: No Way Home, which from now on will be referred to as “SM: NWH.”  As mentioned before, the internet went absolutely bananas when the first teaser and trailer was released! People were trying to breakdown both the teaser and the trailer frame by Fram for every little detail that could hint at what could be expected. People throughout the world were coming up with all kinds of theories and speculations and anticipations! 

Of course, here we won’t spoil anything for you, as always, so rest assured you can read on without any spoilers. By now, if you’ve been keeping up with all things MCU, from the most recent movies and especially the Disney + shows, you know that we’re only getting deeper and deeper into the Multiverse. So, with that said, if you haven’t already watched the Disney + series like Loki, What If…, Wandavision, etc, I suggest you start as soon as possible! Borrow someone’s’ login, for all I care because they’re becoming critical ground work for what’s to come. We’re just getting deeper and deeper into the Multiverse. 

Spider-Man No way home 1Suffice to say, the Multiverse itself plays a huge role in this particular flick as it is its own character, almost a villain itself. As I mentioned before, get familiar with the Multiverse because it’s going to be a recurring entity from here on out, mark my words. 

SM: NWH is just downright fun, from beginning to end! With tons of cameos almost within the first 20 minutes of the movie, some of which were omitted from the movie’s IMDB page *wink, wink,” and others that we have seen before on different media streaming services! Plenty of fan service, but not cringe-worthy-fan-service, that brings fans of different works together for the communal enjoyment for all! Everyone, whether you hated or loved one, some or all of the previous Spider-Man movies, will enjoy some bit of this movie, trust me. 

Inside jokes? SM:NWH has got them! Cameos? Yup, it’s got them, too! WTF moments? Yup, you already know it! A grocery-cart full of those, too! Jumping out of your seat nerd-gasm moments, too, you ask? Oh, hell yeah! Bring a change of pants and underwear, cuz this movie is going to give you and every other Spider-Man and MCU fan plenty of what you want! And, if you’ve been keeping up your own theories and guesses, see how many times you walk out of there saying to yourself, “I knew it!” Just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any and all easter eggs and cameos. This is a long movie, too, so make sure you wear something comfortable and hope your theater has some comfy AF seats, too. I’m certainly not discouraging bathroom breaks during the movie, but make sure you go to the bathroom before the movie, it’s that much fun! 

SM: NWH will also break your heart several times during, so make sure you bring some tissues. I definitely heard a few grown men sniffling and tearing up a few times during the flick, too, so theres that. I’m not ashamed to say it that I, myself, shed a few tears at least a couple of occasions – I own up to it! 

SM: NWH gives the fans plenty of what they want, but still leaves the ending with plenty of good questions, speculations and theories. A long awaited, highly anticipated movie the quenches thirsts and theories alike, while opening up a whole new world of possibilities for crossovers and hybrids not just for the MCU, but for, quite possibly, plenty of other cinematic universes, too. Think about how after The Matrix, every other action movie was trying to duplicate or put their own spin on “bullet-time” in their own movies. What I’m saying is, don’t be surprised if other universes of movies and characters try to start doing something like their own versions of the Multiverse, that’s what I’m saying. I feel like this formula just worked so well for SM: NWH that its inevitable!

Spider-Man No way homeNow, that’s not to say that SM: NWH is a perfect movie with no flaws, no – certainly not! Somethings just didn’t make sense and I’ll let other, more snobbishly critical outlets tear this movie apart – I’m just not going to do that!

SM: NWH was tons of fun! It was heartfelt and heartbreaking. It’s going to make you laugh out loud – not LOL in all caps, but literally and in real life laugh out loud. It’s going to make you applause, cry or sniffle with sadness, cheer, hoot and holler throughout! This is definitely a movie worth watching on opening day surrounded by the energy of an enthusiastic audience that’s all too familiar and in love with the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, no matter the universe! Also, did anyone notice that all three of the MCU Spider-Man movie titles, thus far, have the word “home” in them? You’ve got Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home and now, Spider-Man: No Way Home? I wouldn’t be, but would be, surprised if the next Spider-Man movie in the MCU has “home” in it also! Conspiracy theory? Or just a random coincidental title fact? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

All in all, I give Spider-Man: No Way Home a 9 out of 10 webs for its entertainment value! Definitely worth watching in theaters if you can and you’re comfortable doing so.

Spider-Man: No Way Home premiers to the public in theaters on Friday, December 17th, 2021! Will you be web-slinging, tentacle-ing, or glider-boarding into theaters this weekend to watch it? You should!

Oh! And it goes without saying, but stay tuned for both the mid credit scene and the final post-credit scenes, too! Come on, do I have to tell you? It’s a MCU film!

See you at the movies!

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