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Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Review


In trying to think of what to say about Spider-Man : Far From Home I’m reminded of all the things I can’t say about Spider-Man: Far From Home. There are quite a few things that occur throughout the movie that are spoiler-y , some of which you may have seen in a trailer or two floating around the web (get it? It’s a spider-pun – I’ll be here ALL review people.) So let’s talk premise of this story line – I shouldn’t have to say this but if you still haven’t seen Endgame why the hell are you reading a review for a movie after Endgame and expecting me to keep something secret /EndRantExceptNOT. Now it doesn’t seem grammatically correct to continue the previous sentence so let’s start over again… 

The premise of this story line is post-Endgame Blip, yes Blip that’s the phrase they are choosing to go with, I don’t make the decisions I’m merely a person who is consuming the movie. The Blip is the event that occurs at the end of Endgame when the snapped billions of people and animals are returned to their now present timeline 5 years after the original snap. What I think this movie handled nicely/comically were a lot of our child-like questions that happened post Endgame : 

– kids that were 15 should now be 20 but they aren’t they are 15 what happens to them? 

– what about the people who were like mid-skydiving? Or mid-shower in their homes being poofed back into existence in now someone else’s home? 

– how does society treat these millions of now homeless or displaced people who have now returned from non-existence? 

So the Blip occurs Peter and his classmates must repeat the year of school that they were in during the year of the snap so Peter is remaining a 16 year old boy/man… semantics. This however means they get to make up for lost time and travel on a European Science trip with their teachers over the summer and Peter hopes to use this summer trip to be a regular teenager/young adult… semantics. As Peter and his classmates tour Venice and have fun touristy moments something is bubbling under the surface in the physical form of literal bubbles of water as a water monster (later named Elemental) appears and begins to attack lovely Italians and tourists amongst the canals. This is when the new hero played by Jake Gyllenhaal appears on the scene as Quentin Beck a.k.a Mysterio. Mysterio is from another dimension/multi-verse where the Snap has created a pseudo-rift issue where these gollum’s called Elementals have now expanded to cause havoc in very specific locations across Europe. So of course our boy Peter on his high school science trip just so happens to be right in the path of this attack. So not only is Peter still trying to keep his identity a secret but he’s also trying to take on his role as an Avenger post-Snap , post-Tony , Post Malone.

Now before I go too far, I want to mention that it is really important that you understand I can’t say very much of anything else. I can really only speak on the plot up until what we saw in the Super Bowl trailer. This is because everything else takes away from the twists that you aren’t prepared for, some that you are, some that I can assure you are not prepared for. 

What I will talk to you about is the insane amount of special effects and stunts that are performed in this movie. You will KNOW the scene when you see it because you will realize all of it is done in a tunnel of green screen. It truly speaks to how good my precious angel baby Tom Holland is… he’s just wonderful. He is my favorite version of Spider-Man and I hope he’s never replaced (we all know this will happen eventually a la Toby McGuire , Andrew Garfield) but just let me live my life people. The wonderful little sub-plot between MJ and Peter is enthralling you find yourself rooting for Peter at every turn you want him to succeed, you want him to have normalcy in his life but simultaneously lets remember Tony Stark. I know some of you aren’t prepared to discuss his passing but it is a focal point of the film and how Peter has to deal with his emotions towards Tony’s death, towards the legacy Tony left behind and how the world still needs Iron Man and the Avengers to defend them. 

Overall acting wise , Jake Gyllenhaal was a wonderful addition to a terrific cast of characters. Samuel L Jackson has some wonderful quips and lines, and a newly far more prominent claw mark to his eye that wasn’t there before (yes I even looked up photos to confirm that he used to have a mark around his patch similar to a seeping poison mark is now replaced modified to show the three claw mark lines to his eye with some seepage.)  I think it’s important to tell you that this movie is a catch-up movie , it is absolutely meant to move the plot forward as quickly as possible to make way for Guardians 3 and whatever else is next in the MCU timeline. This movie IS NOT an extension of Endgame in that it will answer all these questions and leave you in awe – IT IS a movie to catch you up to the plot, fill you with new information and then shove you out of an airlock to make room for the next chapter/phase for the universe. Let’s just give it the title of quick transitional filler. 

The best I can say to you reader is this : 

This is not a movie you will want to miss simply for the entertainment value, even if you are guessing or knowing the next action within the next scene (or because like a lot of fans you’ve read up enough of the comics to know who these characters are) it is well worth the escape from the mundane. The end-credits are REQUIRED VIEWING, you read that correctly credits (meaning multiple) and REQUIRED VIEWING. 

I truly hope you enjoyed this review and that you go see this movie if anything just because your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has a lot on his plate and you should be there for him because he deserves it. Again anyone who has anything bad to say about precious baby angel Tom Holland can go kick rocks. 

Spider-Man : Far From Home
STUDIO:Sony Marvel Disney
GENRE:Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
MPAA:PG – 13
RELEASE DATE:July 2nd, 2019
AUTHOR:Natasha Paiva
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