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Sorry To Bother You Movie Review


Boots Riley manages to deliver an explosive directorial and screenwriting debut with Sorry to Bother You. This is easily one of the most unique films of 2018, not only aesthetically but also thematically. Riley clearly crafted this film with great care and intent, and it all is delivered in one spectacularly riveting package that you will not be able to shake off after seeing it. The trailer does not even prepare you for what you are about to see. 

Cassius Green, played by Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Get Out), struggles to make ends meet in what appears to be present day Oakland. A few seconds into the seemingly ordinary character’s strife, you are transported to an alternate reality where it only gets weirder from then on. Tessa Thompson (Annihilation, Westworld) plays Detroit, Cassius’ rebellious and artistic girlfriend. Thompson continues to make selective and interesting choices and is quickly becoming a staple in off-beat films like Sorry to Bother You and working with some of the most creative new directors of the last few years like Riley and Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok/Hunt for the Wilderpeople). Cassius and Detroit, along with Cassius’ best friend Salvador, played by Jemaine Fowler, have no prospects but becoming telemarketers for a typically exploitative American company. Cassius meets an elderly employee Langston, played by Danny Glover, that shows him the key to successfully completing sales – using your white voice. This leads to an unprecedented promotion for Cassius, but also to him abandoning his peers who have decided to unionize against their greedy employers. Little by little he goes down the rabbit hole or I guess in his case up the corporate ladder and discovers nothing is as it seems and everything comes at a steep price. The cast is rounded out by Steven Yeun, Terry Crews, Omari Hardwick, and Armie Hammer. 

Sorry to Bother You is one of those films where you can watch it again and again and find new clues and meanings in every frame. Riley was able to create a satire that is somehow  disturbing, pertinent, hilarious and visually stunning all at the same time. Like other auteur filmmakers every piece of the film serves a purpose. The art direction’s costumes, set design, the soundtrack, and all the rest of its pieces were deliberately concocted in Riley’s vision and with certain goals in mind. I have no doubt that Sorry to Bother You proves that he is a valuable modern director that hit it out of the park on his first try. I witnessed a new generation that was attracted to the vibrant film and hopefully inspired by its themes of bringing down the corrupt corporate honchos that they may be subjected to in their futures. It may not be for everybody, but those that give it a shot will not forget it. 

Sorry To Bother You
DIRECTOR:Boots Riley
GENRE:Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
RELEASE DATE:July 6 2018
AUTHOR:Roxy De La Rosa
Roxy de la Rosa Roxy and her dogs are San Diego natives all hailing from Baja. She is a graduate of SDSU with a bachelor's degree in Television, Film, and New Media Production. Roxy is a huge comedy film and sitcom fan who hopes to become a TV writer, but for now she spends her time "researching" Netflix when she should be writing.