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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler team up again in Sisters, playing sisters Kate and Maura Ellis, who despite their inverse personalities have remained extremely close well into their 40’s.  Fey play’s Kate, the wild sister, an immature and occasionally employed hairdresser with a teenage daughter who takes on the parental role in their relationship more often than not.  Poehler plays the good sister Maura; a sweet but uptight nurse and divorcee who can be a bit naive in her attempts to do good.  When their parents, played by Dianne West and James Brolin, inform them that they’re selling the family home, both Kate and Maura race back to Florida to try and save their childhood home and change their parent’s minds.  But when they arrive they are welcomed by a ‘sold’ sign on the front lawn and a parental request for them to clean out their old bedrooms so that the new owners can move in.  While sorting through their old belongings and reading from old diaries, Maura and Kate reminisce about their younger selves and decide to say their last goodbyes to their childhood by throwing one last raging ‘Ellis Island’ party.  A final hurrah to mark the end of an era and to usher in a new age.SISTERS_1

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are great in this film.  Their on screen chemistry is effortless.  The closeness of their real world friendship is unquestionable and watching them in Sisters feels almost like being invited into that silly relationship for an hour and fifty eight minutes.  The back and forth between Kate’s snarky and immature nature and Maura’s mousey and naive personality creates some truly hilarious moments, where it becomes nearly impossible to keep yourself from laughing.

SISTERS_2The story revolves around the sisters throwing one last shindig, inviting all of their aging high school friends, and proving that at least for one night they can be cool again.  There isn’t much more than that to it, but there really doesn’t need to be.  The hilarity is enhanced by the contributions of a plethora of SNL Alumni.  Maya Rudolph, Bobby Moynihan, and Rachel Dratch and their crazy characters add to the laughable antics, ridiculous situations, and juvenile one liners so much that they pull as many laughs as Poehler and Fey.

SISTERS_4While it’s unfortunate that the production company decided to release the film alongside the highly anticipated and heavily marketed new Star Wars film, Sisters is worth seeing.  It’s a fun, dumb, vulgar, comedy that delivers the laughs that it promises.  If you weren’t able to get tickets to Star Wars or you’d like to avoid the insanity of its opening weekend, postpone your date with Han and Chewie until next weekend and check out Sisters.

Sisters (2015)
Director:  Jason Moore
Studio: Universal Studios
Genre: Comedy
Release Date:  December 18th, 2015
Author:  Angela Colgan
Angela Colgan Angela Colgan is a San Diego native who recently graduated from college with a double major in Visual Arts Media with a film emphasis and History with an emphasis in war, revolution, and social change. She is currently employed at a local start up video production company, working on a few short online comedy series’ that will eventually launch on their own internet television website. A fan of movies since a very early age, Angela has been appreciating, arguing about, and reviewing films amongst family and friends her entire life, often much to their annoyance. A fan of all genres of film, she is particularly a fan of old movie classics, horror films in all of their different manifestations, and one-liner filled action romps from the late 1980’s and early 90’s. She hopes to work in the commercial film industry in the near future in either post-production editing, or sound design.