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The Shallows Movie Review. The Best Shark Movie Since Jaws


What was once in the deep is now in the shallows. This is coming from someone who does not go in the water because of Sharks. This is partially due to movies such as Jaws and years and years of Shark Week consumption. Now, The Shallows has brought back that feeling, the same feeling I felt watching a certain shark movie all those years ago. I say that with confidence, The Shallows is the best shark movie since Stephen Spielberg created the genre in 1975. The Shallows has gone back to basics. No gimmicks and no souped-up generically modify sharks here. There’s only a predator and a prey and the predator looks amazing!

The Shallows sharkThe film is set in an absolute amazing beach in Mexico, this movie has breathe taking views, along with clear waters and fantastic visual effects. The setting is eerie in a beautiful way.  The perfect scenario for the film, just like Cape Cod was. Nancy, played by the stunning Blake Lively, is a girl on a mission, a mission to live life to its fullest even if it meant dropping out of Med School. After a bite from a Great White shark, Nancy is thrown into chaos. Her life now depends on her survival skills.

The shallows BlakeBeing that this movies is centered pretty much only around Nancy, is quite grabbing and the duel between predator and prey is very believable. She must carries the film in one leg, literally. It is obvious that she get her strength from her mother. Blake throws her all into the role and shines above all. Her acting was convincing and her stunts seemed real. Her stunning looks, and great body will definitely add a few stars by our male movie goers. The Shallows captures the will of fight and the fear of most,  yet pulls it off with trilling edge of your seat moments.

This movie does play off of what I would  say is just about everybody’s fear: the Great White Shark – in all its enormously while alone in the waters. This shark it’s smart and you can almost feel the tension as she stalks her prey. The sound effects was great, kinda like in Jaws, where you knew the shark was coming toward you so better brace yourself. The cinematography is spectacular and I can’t forget about the CGI in this movie: it’s horrifying but in the best way, as that Shark was scary and huge! I would say this would be the closet thing to Jaws for our generation.

The Shallows Blake 2I do have a couple of issues with the film. While the beach looks beautiful and calm, it soon becomes choppy with BIG waves as soon as Nancy hits the water. It then becomes calm again as the shark begins his terror.  This happens several times in the film. The other thing is that the movie it’s only 1 hour and 20 minutes long. Other than that, the film is fantastic.

So, if you are heading to the beach this summer to cool off, you may wanna think again as The Shallow is no longer a safe place. The Shallows hits theaters this Friday! So I consider it a must see and it just might make you think twice about your summer vacation plans.

The Shallows
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Studio: Sony Pictures
Genre: Suspense, Action
Release Date: June 24 2016
Author: Raymond Melendez
Raymond Melendez Raymond Melendez is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief for Local San Diego Metal website sdmetal.com. Besides Heavy Metal music, Raymond is also a movie buff and Craft Beer enthusiast. Which is why he is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Popular Movie Review website 'MovieFloss.com' and Co-Founder of Craft Beer website 'BeerAlien.com'.