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Sausage Party: Movie Review



Sausage Party 3 What would you get if you had Seth Rogen write a Disney movie? The answer is Sausage Party, the newest movie from the mind of Seth Rogen. As I said this is, in terms of some sequences, reminiscent of a Disney movie, it is definitely NOT A DISNEY MOVIE. This is obvious simply with the addition of voice acting from the typical gang that show up in Rogen’s films and the raunchiness of their humor to boot. This movie was enjoyable and funny if you are into this kind of humor, if not this isn’t the movie for you. Sexual innuendos abound in this film as well as references to drugs, the actual taking of drugs, foul language, actual sex between anthropomorphic objects, feminine hygiene humor and more drugs, which I didn’t mind it just adds to the humor of the film and the premise of the movie.

Sausage Party 2Going into this movie you need to be aware that you’re going to watch a typical Seth Rogen film, so get ready for laughs and just don’t question some of the things they do so you can enjoy it at max capacity. The pacing of the movie is a bit slow and only picks up toward the end of the movie, which is not a bad thing but I feel the film could’ve been cut better. The premise of this film being about foods that look forward to being bought by humans is very unique. It starts out very bright and happy, like a Disney film, but then turns dark once they come to find that their dreams are false and they get essentially murdered. Seth Rogen talked to Screen Junkies about how this movie was inspired by Disney and Pixar bringing inanimate objects to life in their movies and adding a story that teaches life lessons. Rogen thought food would be a unique and messed up take since it would lead to an eventual brutal death at the hands of us humans.

Sausage Party 1They focus on a sausage named Frank discovering and trying to prove that the food being bought doesn’t go to a promise land, but that they actually get killed and murdered by “the gods” aka us humans. This path to truth for Frank is filled with raunchy humor and introductions to very stereotypical foods, which isn’t a bad thing it just adds to the films unique humor. Meeting those stereotypical foods also has us hear cameos by well-known actors, which is fun when trying to figure out who they are. Such as bisexual Theresa Taco played by Salma Hayek, Craig Robinson as Grits and Lavash  (an Armenian flat bread) played by David Krumholtz.

Some of the negatives are as stated before the pacing, but ultimately the end is the worst part of the film. It is as if Seth and the other writers of the film didn’t know how to finish the story. It went from typical raunchy humor to just complete out there humor; it was a bit unexpected for me and brought the movie down too. It could’ve and should’ve ended better but that just seems to be typical of Seth Rogen’s films; another prime example is This is the End where they ended the movie with the Backstreet Boys making a musical appearance. Another negative, depending on how you look at it, could be the predictable plot if that’s what you’re looking for but lets be real, we are here for the humor because it is a Rogen film.

Sausage Party PosterIn the end, albeit predictable film it is a fun film that does what it intends to do, which is entertain the audience. The positives far outweigh the negatives of the film and overall I found myself coming out of there enjoying the film. This is full of inappropriate laughs and the audience during the showing of this film was laughing constantly which is great. Seeing how bad this summer box office has been, this was a good change of pace for it in terms of comedy, and it was a good close to it. Go enjoy this movie full of laughs but I strongly recommend leaving the kids at home, this is not for children in my opinion even if you are a more open person in your parenting.

Sausage Party (2016)
Director: Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon
Studio: Sony Pictures
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: August 12th, 2016
Author: Raymundo Ortiz

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