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Review: The Rite

Review: The Rite


“Just because you do not believe in the Devil doesn’t mean he do not exist” but I think Kevin Spacey said it best thou. “The Greatest trick the Devil ever played was to make you believe he didn’t exist”. Whatever the case may be, it didn’t help this film shine any light to that very statement.

The Rite is a film about a young man named Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donoghue) who decides to become a Priest so that he doesn’t have to follow his father’s footsteps as a mortician (Rutger Hauer). Thinking this is the freedom he desperate needed, he soon realizes that Priesthood is not the right path for him. At this point The Superior Priest sends him to Rome in a “Exorcist in Training” kind of gig where he later meets with Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins) who has seen his share of exorcisms.

Did I mention that Michael Kovak doesn’t believe in the devil? Yeah, you heard right… A Priest who doesn’t believe in the devil.

From start to finish the film seem to move in a slow pace, just like movies based in true events often do. The backdrop was dark and cloudy as to give credibility to the story also to draw you closer and scare you with all those scary scene that just weren’t there. Many movies with the same theme or genre have fallen short trying to do just that, scare you. I wont mention titles names because that would be adding insult to injury. To make matter worse, you have to endure this for almost 2 hours. Enough time to watch 2 episodes of the Jersey Shore and still get more drama out of it.

There is a brightside to the film thou, Anthony Hopkins character was like a breath of fresh air. Father Lucas Trevant gave the film a boost just when it needed it most via comedy relieve. Marta Gastini was also outstanding as Rosaria, the possessed pregnant teen. Gastini did for the film what Jennifer Carpenter did for “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” and what Ashley Bell did for “The Last Exorcism”, a truly believable demonic possession. But how long can this last with a story this dull? Soon you will find your self in a rot with no escape but just the single though of wondering if you set the DVR to record The Jersey Shore. The director Mikael Hafstrom fail to utilize the great acting to tell a better story .

If you are interested in going to see this film to be scare, I will tell you one thing… The Rite is Wrong.


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