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Review: The Fighter

Review: The Fighter


The Fighter begins as a docudrama about the comeback of Dicky and Micky Ecklund boxing careers. While Dicky is well known for knocking down Sugar Ray Leonard, it is Micky who is making his run for the belt. Dicky is a crack addict and has fallen on bad times and seems to bring Micky down with him by being late to training sessions and putting Micky in bad fights where he is outweighed by 20 pounds. After an embarrassing loss Micky comes to a point where he has to choose between his family or the chance of a lifetime to box and eventually get a shot at the welter weight title.

Christian Bale is one of the best actors of our generations hands down. He steals the the show in this movie while Wahlberg does a great job as well. Bale’s ability to simply fit in to all his roles amazes me. Never before have I see Bale more hilarious and demented in his career. Amy Adams who is known for her work on Enchanted and Doubt stuns the audience with her portrayal as the hard attitude Charlene who stands and challenges Micky to fight for himself and what he deserves. Whenever she’s onscreen it’s hard to not notice her presence on screen and how different of a role this is from her previous roles. Wahlberg however plays the same type of character as he does similar to his character in the film Invincible. He adds a lot to his role as Micky and it’s his determination  and commitment to the role that take this film to another level.

With a well written script and shot in clever ways The Fighter will amaze any one who watches it. It’s been a while since a great boxing movie has hit the big screen and I think that at the end of it all, The Fighter will be in the top ten of best boxing films. With only on a budget of 11 million dollars, this is truly one of the best films I’ve seen this year.


Billy I love movies. They are my life. I am a theatre major at SDSU. I'm a huge movie buff but i must admit i have yet to see every film made. My favorite film of all time is Fight Club and my favorite actors are Edward Norton and Christian Bale. Favorite director is David Fincher. I hope to become an actor one day and maybe write a screen play. I'm always looking for movies that change the way i look at life.