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Review: Black Swan

Review: Black Swan


WHORE… Well, it’s not what you think.

In the new film Black Swan words hardly describe the mind bending journey that you are about to embark. Nina Sayer, a young inspiring ballerina who’s only goal is to be perfect but in order to be perfect, she must let her self go or risk losing the role she was meant to play, The Swan Lake Princess.

Natalie Portman submerges into her role so well that we forget we are watching someone act. As a ballerina, Portman is nothing less than amazing. She channels Nina Sayer’s almost schizophrenic state to a perfect 10 which it’s not an easy task. In fact, her acting is so good that it makes you believe that she has been dancing ballet for years or even her whole life. After seeing “V for Vendetta” I didn’t think she could do any better than that but I stand corrected. Kudos to you, Natalie Portman, well done…

Like most thriller movies, Black Swan dives head first into the dark abyss hoping to have enough air in the lungs to come out the other side alive (and it does). In the meantime, the film will leave you breathless. Darren Aronofsky portrayal of the 1948 Michael Powell’s ballet classic film “The Red Shoes” is truly a masterpiece. Aronofsky’s mixture of elegance and darkness is beautifully crafted in the film but in this take, the sexuality is strong enough to make your grandma blush.

The lighting, the makeup, the almost colorless atmosphere, all of this plays a huge part in the film and it draws you in while you second guess what you have just witnessed.

I mention the strong sexual content in the film and I would like to elaborate a little without taking anything from the film because this is not a trashy picture. Needless to say, Portman looks amazing in pink underwear but then again, she probably looks amazing in a moo moo. There’s also a really hard make out section with Mila Kunis, which by the way, was extraordinary in her role. After practicing with a ballet instructor from three months, three to four hours everyday, Mila Kunis learned how to dance en pointe. She had no previous ballet or dance experience before this movie.

Make no mistake, Black Swan is definitely Oscar caliber in both Best Actress (Portman) and best picture of the year. For the most part, it will satisfied the masses. Do whatever you can to go and see this movie opening week, before you start to hear all the good parts from your friends and family.

PS. Wynona Ryder has a small but imperative part in the movie.


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