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Pixels: Movie Review


Classic video games coming to life?! Say What?! A concept like that will blow nerds brains away. So the story goes like this, in the early 1980’s NASA shoots a time capsule into space with footage of pop cultural things relevant to the United States, including popular arcade video games. This is done in hopes to reach extraterrestrial life but the violent nature of the games becomes misconstrued as a declaration of war. Now it is up to the worlds best gamers to save the planet from complete alien destruction. That’s where Pixels could have been—a nerds dream come true. Unfortunately, it turns in to a complete nightmare that insults classic video games. How did this go so wrong?

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Director Chris Columbus is known for some amazing films, such as the first two Harry Potter films which not only brought nerd books to life but it created their own subcultures too. So why couldn’t video games be brought to life be successful? Well lets begin with our protagonist star, Adam Sandler…Yep, Sandler plays Brenner, our main hero in Pixels. Brenner is the same character Adam Sandler has played in every movie. A loser who’s given up on himself that gets thrown a curve ball that makes his life more meaningful. To me that isn’t what bothered me the most about this movie.


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I can look past Sandler’s stale acting but the misogyny and racism in this film is so classic Hollywood. For obvious reasons first, all main characters are white, well that’s not a huge surprise in Hollywood but even the roles of people of color have very few lines and it tokenizes their culture in a “humorous” way. Lets laugh at the scared black guy or lets make gibberish noises to the Japanese guy because that’s what the Japanese language sounds like to me. All the people of color who where in the film with lines were victims of alien annihilation. Even the countries in the order that were destructed were in order of importance in the film. Guam, meh it okay if its destroyed. India, meh never interested me in visiting, bye. U.K., oh wait we should try and stop them now. Misogyny don’t worry they got that too. Yeah, it hasn’t been a new concept in Hollywood but the damsel in distress is so old and out dated, dear Adam, leave it for the Mario brothers. Overall, if this film was sent to outer space now for aliens to find, they’d think this planet hates women and that people of color are only here for disposal. This movie would be just as useless as radio satellites currently floating in space.

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