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Pixar’s Monsters University Movie Review


If you like Monsters Inc then you’ll like the prequel Monsters University. This movie is funny, entertaining and cute. It takes you back to when Mike Wazowski first starts school and my I say he is so adorable and small. He is introduced to for the first time to the career of dreams, becoming a scarer. From then on he devotes every breathing moment to succeed in his dream. Getting into the university that he hoped for and is where the story takes off as you get introduced to other collage students and to the charaters we have all come to love and hate from the 1st movie like Randall Boogs -Steve Buscemi, James P. Sullivan -John Goodman and then his new Friends Squishy -Peter Sohn, Don -Joel Murray, Art -Charlie Day and many more.


Pixar as always came through with the great visual effects and great 3D. The story was good and you realize how different Scully and Mike were then who we grew to love. But it still works cause who didn’t end up growing up after collage. This is a great entertaining family movie which I recommend to watch.
I do wish it had a lot more 3D moments not that they weren’t there it’s just nice when it’s more then what you normally expect.