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Now You See Me Movie Review


Now You See Me Movie Review – Magic. Whether it is Harry Potter or the mind freak himself Criss Angel, magic is always interesting. The movie Now You See Me, showcases the best part of magic, that no matter how close you are, no matter how close you look, you’ll never see it.

Now You See Me Movie Review

In this movie directed by Louis Leterrier, four magicians are drawn together and perform amazing and wondrous acts in front of an adoring crowd. However, these acts are unlike any other, rather than the magic of disappearing and re-appearing these magicians rely on their illusions and end every show with a large pay out. I cannot begin to express how much I enjoyed this film. I was through and through entertained and excited to see the next act, as well as the underlying ploys happening right in front of you.

This movie from the outside looking in appears as a sorted cast of popular comedians, Woody Harrelson (Zombieland) and Isla Fischer (Wedding Crashers) , popular nerd icon Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), classic actors like Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman (Batman trilogy), the hulk himself Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers) and newcomer Dave Franco (yes he is James Franco’s brother). However, upon watching the film you gain the understanding that everything you see is for a reason and the casting is no different. Each character and actor paired to perfectly portray and progress the storyline.

The acting throughout the film is superb. I have always had a crush on Eisenberg since Zombieland but newcomer Dave Franco gives him a run for his money in this movie showing that swarthy, dark and charming is obviously in the gene pool of the Franco family. Not to mention the goodlooking bite of Mark Ruffalo but his french counterpart Melanie Laurent share smokey intimate moments you can sink your teeth into. Harrelson and Fischer’s on screen banter and wit allow for much laughter also, who doesn’t enjoy scenes with Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman? All in all the characters do as they should in fantastic films, support and highlight the story.

Now You See Me Movie Review

Scenes and sets were intricate and well thought through, literally no stone was left unturned for this film. Every detail was thought of and then reversed to be shown in another angle. To me it is one thing to write a magic trick into a script, but to show how a magic trick is done is far more amazing then anything else. And to have this done multiple times throughout the film, was simply astounding.

I was enthralled by the actors portrayal but more so by the amazing storyline. Rather than another FBI most wanted chase of high end thieves, this movie was much more about believing in something much larger and learning how to take a step back and see the whole picture. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes being taken on an adventure or enjoys seeing the development of characters and plot in a fast paced interesting way. This is a definite must see film and probably one of the best releases for a summer film that is original, interesting and extremely well done.


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Now You See Me Movie Review

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