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Review: Toy Story 3

Review: Toy Story 3


On DVD: 11/02/10
Pixar’s ‘Toy Story 3’ stars no other than the original voices of Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz and Joan Cusack as Jesse. This movie had more of an emotional impact then most of the rides at Disneyland. On this 3rd chapter reality sets in as you realize that your beloved characters have now been out grown by the soon to be collage student, Andy.

These slightly used toys find themselves feeling abandoned and fear they will end up being thrown away or just stored in the attic with the rest of the unused and forgotten items. With a week away Andy must pack his things for collage and has 3 choices of where his things will go. 1 being the box labeled collage stuff, 2 stuff for the attic and 3 the awful black bag that will be taken out to the curb as TRASH. Anxiously awaiting their destiny they secretly watch Andy as he starts to pack up his thing. And true to the other 2 stories lines things end up more complicating then they should have been, ending up in what most of Andy’s toys think to be the next best thing to Andy’s room is the ‘Day Care Center’.

Meeting some friendly new toys they are welcomed to the day care with open arm, but friendly has it’s own definition in this day care.. Watching this movie unravel, so did my emotions. I can truly say that I was so glad to have been watching this in 3-D as the glasses helped hide the water works, the anger, the sadness that took over. I highly recommend this movie as the entire theater went quite at one point and you could hear a pin drop along all those little kids who filled the iMax seats. Tissue is recommended for those of you who grew up with these fun loving group of Toys.

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