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Review: Karate Kid (2010)

Review: Karate Kid (2010)


On DVD: 10/5/10
I have to admit that I came into the theater thinking this move was going to suck but boy was I wrong. Remakes like Clash Of The Titans and so many others have been terrible so far and haven’t lived up to its original and I was thinking Karate Kid wouldn’t be any different but it shocked the hell out of me.

Karate Kid starts off in Detroit, where Dre parker( Jaden Smith) and his mother pack up to move to China to start a new life after she’s been transferred for her job. On his first day there he already runs into trouble and making enemies with the rag tag evil kids. Turns out they also atted the same school as he does and makes his life a living hell. Tre’s only help is the aid of the maintenance man from his apartment building Mr. Hanh (Jackie Chan) who promises to teach him kung fu to defend and compete in the Open Kung Fu Tournament where he’ll fight for his honor along with their respect.

The last time I saw Jaden Smith, he was the most annoying thing in the world in another remake call Day The Earth Stood Still. Jaden made this movie his own and really brought the emotion and raw instincts of his growing craft as an actor. Jackie Chan was superb in his role as the mentor as this was one his best roles in a while. Not only was Chan perfect on his comedic timing but had the inner pain to fill his role as the man with a troubled past. The chemistry between the two were amazing and really made the movie what it was. With the mixture of  both drama and comedy, this film was pretty good. Visually stunning at times with great scenes of Chinese culture and landscape and the capture of the great fight scenes. The film lasted over two hours which was a little bit long for my taste but I really didn’t mind. The film really captured the underdog story and had everyone in their seats cheering for him with every punch and kick he throws. As the film progress you can see the dedication and hard work that Smith put into his role and one can only appreciate it.  Karate Kid is a film for all ages and will no doubt in my mind win the weekend box office and stay there for at least a couple of weeks. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars.

Billy I love movies. They are my life. I am a theatre major at SDSU. I'm a huge movie buff but i must admit i have yet to see every film made. My favorite film of all time is Fight Club and my favorite actors are Edward Norton and Christian Bale. Favorite director is David Fincher. I hope to become an actor one day and maybe write a screen play. I'm always looking for movies that change the way i look at life.
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