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Review: Despicable Me


Despicable Me

If you’re In the mood for a humorous, heart warming movie then this is the film for you ‘Despicable Me’. Starring Steve Carrll as the voice for Gru who was considered one of the best super-villains of his time, until now! ‘Vector’ voiced by Jason Segal is Gru’s new nemesis who just pull off stealing the Egyptian Pyramid. Gru’s vows that his newest heist will out do that of any evil villain in the history of the world. This will involve using shrink rays, cookie robots, freeze rays and of course we can’t forget those 3 adorable little orphaned girls.

I loved this movie because of those funny little yellow guys known as his army of minions and his loyal inventor Dr. Nefario voiced by Russell Brand who’s slight hearing problem turn out some very funny gadgets. I highly recommend this movie as it has become one of my top 3-D animated movies.

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i adored this movie! the Roller coaster scene is one of my favorite scenes! and i loved how Despicable me take the wacky bits from old school cartoons and it applied the 21st century animation to it. HIGHLY recomend for children and parents. Even if your not a parent, it was a great feel good movie to see :o)

Raymond Melendez

I have yet to see the film but everyone is raving about it. I can’t decide if going to see it now or just wait for it on video.


see it now in 3d!!! there is a scene that is really cool in 3d!

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