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Money Monster: Movie Review



Caution: There are minor spoilers in this review you have been warnedsus

MM4It’s all about the money. Or so it seems to be in this suspense-thriller directed by Jodie Foster starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts. This film goes from zero to sixty just a few minutes into it and it does a very good job of maintaining that momentum throughout the whole movie. As we know from the trailer it is about financial talk-show host Lee Gates that is taken hostage by an irate viewer/investor who wants answers from the TV host. George Clooney, who plays Lee goes from a seemingly over the top self absorbed man to one that seems more human by the end of it because you start to learn more about his personal issues. Julia Roberts plays Patty Fern the producer of Money Monster (the in-fact title of Clooney’s economic info-show) who is a victim along with the rest of the crew to the hostage scenario un-folding in the studio. Patty is by far the most level headed one in the movie. Roberts’ character is the momentum piece throughout the film, Roberts is key to the success of this film as a whole.

Clooney and Roberts in Money Monster
Clooney and Roberts in Money Monster

The plot to this film is about investing in stock and how risky it can be, especially when corruption is involved. This is a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat and thinking about what is coming, a bit predictable yes, but done in a way that makes you feel satisfied. You are able to follow along and see what’s coming. As stated earlier this Money Monster hits the ground running with little preface on any character background yet that all gets woven in during the movie. There is not a beat that gets missed in this movie, very succinct and to the point the classic action thriller. This being Jodie Fosters fourth directing job is a good sign of what is to come if she keeps on this vein of directing style as well, everything is well constructed. All the shots are very well done, same with the editing of the movie itself where there seems to be only one cut that confuses at first but shortly thereafter it is explained why that shot was put there to begin with. Everything is shot in studio style shooting (as it does take place in a studio partially) and also handheld cameras, which adds to the realism of this hostage situation.

Money Monster2 The basis of the movie itself is a hostage situation, of course in today’s day and age especially with technology this escalates easily into the world where everyone who wasn’t watching this regular economics show is now tuning in. The social media factor in today’s world gets added into that formula as well, which adds to the laughs of this movie. This social media aspect also comes with some issue for me as well, where at one point we see people on the street dancing to hip hop which furthers stereotypes we claim we are trying to get rid of. Yet this aspect, which I don’t like personally, sheds light on the truth that the world we live in today makes jokes off of life and death situations, we take nothing seriously. When a crisis situation comes to light that’s all the public pays attention to, they cannot help but see other people suffer and comment on it. But, once the crisis is averted people just continue about their business and act like it never happened. It is as if there was never someone suffering, life just moves on. This commentary on the world we live in today is good and bad but for this film it elevates the plot even further. Once the corruption in the movie comes to light this provides an even better twist in the plot and reveals the true villain, who comes in the face of Dominic West, but he hardly gets any screen time. This isn’t necessarily bad because his actions are told via other characters in the movie itself. The fact that the antagonist of the movie is completely blind to what is going on in the film actually helps progress the plot even with that twist.

MoneyMonster3Overall Money Monster definitely delivers what it promises, it goes from zero to sixty in the first couple of minutes and never stops. Granted there are minor pauses but that’s just to further shed light on the plot itself, but those pauses are barely noticeable. The humor woven into this movie is also done seamlessly; essentially making light of the horrid situation the characters find themselves in. Why? Because it is all in the money.


Money Monster (2016)
Director:  Jodie Foster
Studio:  Sony Pictures
Genre:  Suspense, Drama
Release Date:  May 13, 2016
Author:  Raymundo Ortiz
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