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Lucy Movie Review. The ‘Non-Action’ Action ‘Sci-Fi’ Film


Nothing can distract you from a mediocre movie plot like a hot woman. Scarlett Johansson stars in Lucy, a typical young woman trying to get by, by doing… well, we really don’t know much since there’s absolutely no backstory to this character. So I guess I cannot say much about Lucy other than she lives in Taiwan, she’s a student of a sort and her boyfriend gets her in the predicament she’s about to endure. What happens next is more out of a comic book than the Sci-Fi flick is trying to project.

Lucy Movie

After becoming a drug mule (not by choice) for the Taiwan drug cartel, she is sent to make the delivery. After being rough-up by her captures, the synthetic version of a chemical that women produces on the early stages of pregnancy called CPH4 begins to leak. I should mention that this package of drug was inserted in her stomach. Convulsions ensues, leaving behind a very stone-cold looking woman.

From here, the story gets a little better but not by much. Even thou there’s no actual fighting, Lucy seems to be invincible and Bad Ass. Dropping bodies by just thinking about it, almost as unbelievable as the story itself. The whole story take about 24 hour of almost nonsense and the ending is something out of The Matrix. The best part of the film is when introduced to Morgan Freeman, who’s purpose in the movie is to explain to us what COULD happen if someone unlocks 100% brain potential. The cuts between Johansson and Freeman match Lucy’s progress as she becomes more aware of her powers and trying to figure out what to do with it.

Meanwhile, there’s a grip of Taiwanese gangsters after the precious cargo.  It seem that the only thing they know to do is fire their guns. I swear there’s more bullets flying around than dialog. Even the drug lord gets in the action. Somehow we need to believe that his goons cannot do the job.

Luc Besson, who has directed some of the most memorable films around such as La Femme Nikita, The Professional and The Fifth Element, has left us with much to be desired.

All in all, I think the film will do good on the Box Office because of the star power but the word of mouth will not do so good. If you are looking for a strong female character, you should check out some of the movies I mentioned above. La Femme Nikita, Silence of the Lambs & Kill Bill.

Try to explain the fantasy about unlocking 100% of brain to a group of movie goers that only uses 5%

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