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Lights Out Movie Review. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Lights Out… Based on a short film, this version doesn’t disappoint. Who isn’t scared of the dark, walking into stuff and or the unknown, wondering if that silhouette is shaped like something lurking there or if your mind is playing tricks on you. Well Lights Out leaves you with nothing but the want to have lights on all around you, even when you leave the theater after watching this flick.

The scare scenes are effective and often, but not in a cheesy way like most scary movies. Lights Out does runs around 80 min or less and yes, at first I thought it would be short and stupid too, but it was the complete opposite; to the point and engaging. Considering most of these types of horror movies need way more than that to get through the storyline and scares.

The beginning of the movie is pretty much a part of the short and may I say it sets you up for the rest. Martian (Gabriel Bateman) a young boy living with parents and concerned about his mom Sophie (Maria Bello) and her issues, reaches out to his older sister Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) who has long left the house due to the same concerning issues Sophie is once again showing. Martin is having issues sleeping due to the unexplained person his mom keeps referring to as Diana. Diana exhibits a possessive and jealous attraction to Sophia and wants nothing but her in her life and she’ll due whatever it takes to keep her friend all to her self. Even if it means getting rid of those close to Sophia.

Teresa Palmer is great in this movie as not much CGI was used in it but her reaction are what you would conceded on point, to something we as real people would do, unlike those usual shower scenes we all hate and wonder, Why? But not here, Teresa shows nothing but loyalty and strength from which I can say she truly took this role to its fullest. I was also really impressed by Gabriel Bateman, for being so young he shows great talent beyond his years. He too also took this part to a whole new level. Being so young and showing off his acting skills was great to see as I’m sure we will be seeing more from this young boy.

I am curious to see what else David Sandberg will come up with as he seems to have found his nitch in this genre; going from a short film maker to the big leagues, you’ll definitely see me at his next screener. So make sure you hold on to your seats as this will be a bumpy ride

Lights Out

DIRECTOR: David F. Sandberg
STUDIO: New Line
GENRE: Horror
RELEASE DATE: June 22, 2016

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