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The Lego Batman Movie: Review


Nananananananananananana Batman! Lego Batman that is. Following the success of the Lego Movie comes the highly anticipated Lego Batman Movie, and boy it did not disappoint. Much like the Lego Movie this one had similar beats and pacing with a Batman theme added to it. Reprising his role, as Batman is Will Arnett who delivers such a good performance in this movie, he added depth to the character that had been initially established in the first Lego movie. Much to Batman’s dismay Robin (Dick Grayson) voiced by Michael Cera joins the Caped Crusader wearing the classic Robin outfit sans pants. These are the two main stars in the film but once the credits role you see how deep and rich the voice casting is with celebrities, some who you don’t even recognize their voice until you see their names in the credits.

Besides the deep voice cast they also dive deep into the Batman mythos by referencing everything easily recognized by the general audience, to the more obscure references in that mythos i.e. Condiment King (Yes Condiment King is a real thing, Google it, as the movie so casually suggests.) That is another factor that is great about this movie; it is so self aware and it makes it a point to prove so. There are references to the movie itself, poking fun at itself, poking fun at the characters, quasi-fourth wall breaking moments and even some hero movie tropes were done on purpose. This is a refreshing take on the superhero genre; since lately we’ve been getting movies with mixed reviews or a now sort of formulaic series of movies. All these things contribute to the layers and nuances that make this movie great not just for kids, but for adults as well.

As stated before the Batman mythos is referenced heavily in this movie, in fact every iteration of Batman is mentioned. This hits upon the Batman trope of him wanting to work alone for the most part and how that affects him personally and in his crime fighting ways. This is actually the main premise of the movie; it sends a great message on how unity is good and how sometimes we all need a bit of help to get things done. Now it does this in a unique way that only Lego movies seem to do so, with humor and plot devices that will engage both kids and adults alike. It makes themes like these easy to understand for the kids yet I noticed that some kids in the theater were asking questions to further explain the nuances of the message the movie is trying to convey. The DC universe is also referenced to the extent that it caters to the comic book fans, from the full Justice League making a cameo, to Bludhaven being mentioned too.

In short, I highly recommend this movie, not only to families but also to Batman fans and comic book fans in general. This movie had great moments and the pacing was fine, there were only small instances where it seemed that there was filler there because they didn’t know what to do. The editing was stellar where everything was put together as a solid movie where, as mentioned before, there were only few times that the movie seemed off. The other thing of note was the soundtrack and how even that took a role in the movie and helped contribute to the narrative of the movie. It helped add a depth yet simplicity to the movie all at the same time, the tracks were chosen very well. Now please go watch this movie with your kids if you have them or with some friends if you don’t have kids, I highly recommend this to anyone.

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)
Director: Chris McKay
Studio: Warner Brothers
Genre: Family/Comedy/Action/Batman
Release Date: February 10th, 2017
Author: Raymundo Ortiz
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