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Legend Of Tarzan Movie Review


Tarzan.dngI was fairly excited to watch the new “Legend of Tarzan” film that I was practically swinging on vines headed into the theater (which was a little hard since I was holding nachos and a bag of popcorn). A little action, a dash of romance, and some Phil Collins music, am I right?


While I knew this was going to be a far cry from the animated Disney film, David Yates’s film about the man raised in the jungle took a different approach to the classic story.

When we meet Tarzan (played handsomely by True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård), he has already been rescued from the his wild upbringing. He’s well-dressed and appears to have adapted well to high society life. Tarzan, or John Clayton as he is known, is attending a meeting of politicians and as he’s about to utter his first words, Yates keeps the audience in suspense about what Tarzan is going to sound like.

Will he just simply grunt in his three-piece suit? Will he speak simple English words in broken sentences?! And lo and behold… for some reason, he speaks perfect English!

Tarzan 4The story follows Tarzan and Margot Robbie’s Jane Clayton, as they had back to their native Congo where they met, to visit old friends and stop a ruthless madman (Cristoph Waltz) from enslaving all of the countrymen and women. The story was a little hard to follow at first, as the movie reveals certain key points of the film in flashback moments. Not only is John Clayton reverting back to his savage ways, but he is being hunted himself by the father of a boy that Tarzan killed when they were younger. Samuel L. Jackson also appears as Tarzan’s energetic, yet out of place, sidekick as they traverse the dangers of the Congo jungle.

Cinematographer Henry Braham did a pretty decent job recreating the African environment. My only concern was the cliche way used to signify a flashback sequence: a look of contempt by the actor, close up on the eyes, a far off soundtrack, and muted blues.

Tarzan 1In the end, the story was a little bland, but Robbie’s Jane Clayton stole the show with her one-liners and quips. A damsel in distress? Yes, but one that can also kick ass and keep up with her rescuer. It was a fun film, but I’m warning you now…

They never explained how he learned to speak English so well! Ugh.

Legend Of Tarzan Movie Review

The Legend Of Tarzan
Director:  David Yates
Studio:  Warner Bros.
Genre:  Action, Adventure
MPAA:  PG-13
Release Date:  July 1 2016
Author:  Jonas Bautista
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