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Sit Back But Don’t Relax: Theater Etiquette 101

One of my favorite things to do at the movies is to find people in the audience on their phones...and tell them to turn...

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Step : Movie Review

During this time of social change, we are seeing more and more representation of black women in film and television.  They are demanding to...

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Girls Trip Movie Review

Having recently just seen the female led comedy Rough Night, I came in expecting something similar from Malcolm D. Lee’s Girls Trip. What I got was not...

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Despicable Me 3: Movie Review

Upon my viewing of Despicable Me 3, one other movie came to my mind: The 6th Day.  If you don't know this movie, essentially the...

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The Trailer Theory : Meat Suit or Mindful Thinker?

The idea for my discussion on this topic stemmed from a text I got from my roommate last week to our roomie group chat:“Guys! ...

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