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Kajillionaire Movie Review


Kajillionaire directed by Miranda July, centers around the life of a woman plagued by the control of her petty criminal parents. They skirt by through life with money schemes manipulating people and selling stolen goods for small amounts of cash. The parents eventually invite an outsider in on one of their schemes, which creates a jealous disconnect from their daughter and sets the story in motion.

I’m going to be completely honest right out of the gate, I did not understand anything that happens in this movie. The motivations of the characters make no sense and the resulting actions from those motivations make even less sense. This has got to be the most confusing film I have seen in a long time. I understood the underlying message of learning how to love yourself and being able to have the courage to be vulnerable with another person, while also learning to break free from a toxic controlling relationship no matter who that relationship is with. But the way the film presents this message, is pretentious, weird to be weird, indie film nonsense. You only really get a peak into the message of the film in the last 20 minutes. The rest of the story is a long arduous confusing battle of trying to figure out what the hell is happening.  It doesn’t feel like these characters exist in our own reality. Things happen in the film without any clear normal reasoning and they never breakdown the character motivations other than “I’m just doing this to make a quick buck”.

The main character, “Old Dolio” played by Rachel Wood, longs for affection from her manipulative parents but doesn’t have the confidence in herself to be able to express these inner desires. She learns how to deal with this inner turmoil with an outside perspective from a woman her parents meet on a flight, who decides to just join up on one of their money schemes. This person they meet just willingly agrees to start a criminal life with these strange people without ever considering that maybe this isn’t a good idea. It’s at this point that I lost any interest into what was happening in the story. It feels like this film takes place in a  fantasy world where nobody uses logic or reasoning or questions anything that happens.

The technical aspects of the film are the only redeeming quality. The cinematography and set design were good. The music score was especially creepy and fun; they did their best to support what they had to work with on screen.

This film might speak to some people on an intellectual plane that I do not understand, but I personally found this film to be pretentious nonsense.


Kajillionaire        SCORE
DIRECTOR:Miranda July
STUDIO:Focus features
GENRE:Crime, Drama
RELEASE DATE:September 25, 2020
AUTHOR:Curt Cook