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The Jungle Book: Movie Review


Being a reviewer for MovieFloss, I definitely get to check out some great (and sometimes not so great) films quite often. But rarely there comes a time when a film can take me back to my childhood. So I jumped at the opportunity to watch (and hopefully enjoy) the new live-action “Jungle Book” by director Jon Favreau.

TJB5And after getting my popcorn and (diet) coke from the concession stand, I figured I had all of the “bare necessities” to start my adventure. See what I did there?

The film pretty much mirrors the original 1967 animated film. And I’m assuming that’s due to the fact that it comes from the same studio. Why fix something that’s not broken, am I right? This is one of many films that Disney is producing and releasing, which is a live-action take on an animated classic. Though some aspects of this new film differs from its predecessor, the story flows and is fun and lighthearted (well, except for the “tiger wanting to kill the human” subplot). Oh, and there are songs! Yay!


Baloo is voiced by Bill Murray
Baloo is voiced by Bill Murray

Favreau assembled an all-star cast to voice the famous animals that rule the jungle. Bill Murray plays the lovable, yet conniving, Baloo the bear. Fatherly Bagheera the panther is played by Sir Ben Kingsley, while Idirs Elba was terrifyingly perfect as the ravenous tiger Shere Khan. And Christopher Walken lends his iconic voice as orangutan King Louie.

But it was newcomer Neel Sethi who stole the show as Mowgli. His portrayal as the rambunctious “man-cub” was refreshing and a fun watch. Now, I’m not an actor, but I can pretty safely assume that he wasn’t acting alongside real tigers, panthers, and bears (oh my!).

TJB3Cinematographer Bill Pope did an excellent job recreating many aspects of the environment from the original animated film to be very immersive and captivating. And I’m not saying that the movie doesn’t look like a complete CGI haven, but the special effects team did a pretty decent job keeping the animals very clean and Disney-esque. Time and time again, CGI can be very distracting and, well… just plain bad.

In all, the movie does a good job keeping its viewers entertained. And though this is pretty much aimed at the younger viewers, there were definitely some suspenseful sequences that had me gripping my seat neighbor’s arm. So go see it, sing along, and stay away from the red flower!

The Jungle Book (2016)
Director:  Jon Favreau
Studio:  Disney
Genre:  Family, Adventure
Release Date:  April 15th, 2016
Author:  Jonas Bautista
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