Indiana Jones “The Dial of Destiny” Movie Review

Indiana Jones “The Dial of Destiny”

OVERVIEW | The Dial of Destiny falls short of Indiana Jones’ high standards. Disappointing execution, convoluted plot, underdeveloped characters, and messy third act. Lacks the magic of previous films. Ford’s age limits action scenes. De-aging effects feel like video game cutscenes. Marion’s sidelined, missed opportunity for a meaningful reunion. Overall, an unfulfilling final chapter.

James Mangold
Action, Adventure
June 30, 2023

The swashbuckling tale of Indiana Jones continues in ‘The Dial of Destiny,’ but unfortunately, it falls short of the franchise’s high standards.

The fifth and final installment takes us back to the end of World War 2, where Indy and Basil Shaw strive to thwart the Nazis’ plans of delivering looted relics to Hitler. While the premise seems promising, the execution leaves much to be desired.

While ‘The Dial of Destiny‘ may be seen as a welcomed return to the franchise, it fails to capture the same magic. Harrison Ford delivers poignant moments as the forgotten hero, but his age limits the inclusion of dynamic action sequences. The de-aging technology used in the flashback scenes feels more akin to cutscenes in a video game, detracting from the immersive experience.

Secondary characters, such as Helena Shaw portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, suffer from underdevelopment. Her transition from a criminal figure to a likable character is poorly explained and rushed, leaving her arc lacking in depth until the film’s closing moments.

Regrettably, the third act is a chaotic mess. Unlike previous Indiana Jones films that centered around mystical holy relics, the introduction of time-traveling capabilities through the dial complicates the plot and the rules of the time-space continuum. The lack of clarity surrounding the consequences of altering time undermines the narrative tension and leaves the audience wanting more.

While notable cameos by John Rhys-Davies as Sallah provide some exposition about Helena’s criminal background, Karen Allen’s Marion Ravenwood is unjustly sidelined. With only a brief scene reuniting her with Indy at the end of the movie, her character deserves a more substantial presence. The opportunity for an intimate moment between the estranged couple, as they reconcile their differences and face their retired life together, remains untapped.

In summary, ‘The Dial of Destiny‘ disappoints as a final chapter in the Indiana Jones saga. It lacks the captivating adventure, well-defined characters, and cohesive plot that made the previous films so enjoyable. As a viewer, I longed for a grand conclusion but was left with unfulfilled expectations.”