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How to Be Single: Movie Review


How to be Single follows the modern romantic comedy formula of Love Actually, He’s Just Not That into You, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting by telling multiple story lines at once.  The movie centers around Alice, played by Dakota Johnson of 50 Shades of Grey, a young woman fresh out of college who takes a break from her relationship to try and discover who she is on her own in New York City. On her journey to discovery we also follow the people whose lives she is affecting like her sister Meg (Leslie Mann), co-worker Robin (Rebel Wilson), bartender Tom (Anders Holm), single father Tom (Damon Wayans Jr.), and relationship seeker Lucy (Alison Brie).

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Because of this multi-story telling aspect we are shown a more realistic outcome to what may happen when a person decides to go on a relationship break or follow strange made up rules about relationships.  The stories that took a chance with changing things up were some of my favorite as they challenged the usual storytelling and instead took the story to places that you wouldn’t expect from a romantic comedy. Sometimes things just don’t work out as you plan and this movie isn’t afraid to show that being in love isn’t everything.  This isn’t to say all the stories are like that, some of the stories do follow a more traditional romantic formula and they are fun to watch as they give a nice balance to the film.


How to be single3Dakota Johnson does a wonderful job playing the naïve girl that has watched one too many dramas and must quickly learn how to survive alone in New York City. Fans of Rebel Wilson will enjoy her here as her character isn’t that far removed from her role in Pitch Perfect.  Anders Holm is drastically different from his Workaholics role and was refreshing to see him play a confident lady killer bartender.  Damon Wayans Jr. and Leslie Mann are both great at keeping this comedy grounded with some nice drama.

How to be Single2While I did enjoy the film, the running time feels a bit long and the story of Alice does drag at times. While the movie does often make fun of the romantic comedy tropes, it doesn’t shy away from using them either. The humor in this film can be hit or miss and sometimes come off a bit awkward. Also do not come expecting Bridesmaids as this movie is not just a comedy.

I would recommend this film to people who enjoy the films I listed above like Love Actually and He’s Just Not Into You.  I would recommend this film and I will even say that most guys will also come out enjoying this film.


How to be Single (2016)
Director: Cristian Ditter
Studio:Warner Brothers
Genre:Romantic Comedy
Release Date: 2/12/2016
Author: Steve Cienfuegos