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House At The End of the Street Movie Review

House At The End of the Street Movie Review


House at the end of the street Movie Review – For being a PG-13 Teen Horror flick, this movie tops a lot of horror junk that’s out there. I was a bit skeptical on what I was walking into coinciding what a horror movie fanatic I am, but to my surprise I was quite impressed. Now keep in mind we are talking about PG-13 here, so don’t expect to see the usual gore, nudity or even language that carries most of theses types of movies.

So on that note: The House at the End of the Street is a thriller movie which stars non other then Jennifer Lawrence who play Elissa a high school teenager who like most, doesn’t get along with her mom played by Elisabeth Shue who is a divorced nurse that moves them into a nice home which faces the state park on one side and an abandoned house on the other. Elissa befriends a local collage students named  Ryan played by  Max Theriot. And this is where it gets complicated.

Jennifer Lawrence gave this movie a great start since she is well known or her role in “The Hunger Games” and she might have some of her followers, follow her to this movie. Her acting in this role was considerably good, but at times I would think ” Wow, the damage she could do if she only had a bow and arrow”.. But non the less, she did a great job. I do have to commend MaxTheriot for his acting abilities in this movie. He looked and acted the part perfectly.

The cinematograph wasn’t the best, but it was good enough  to make the entire theater sigh from time to time. It also was a shame to see the trailer yet not actually see some of those scenes  in the film.  This movie is great for teenagers and adults who don’t care to see blood baths or gore; yet an entertaining thriller for those who do.

I enjoyed that it keep me wondering if I would figure out ‘the who done it’ before the movie ended and I can apprictate the storyline. Again, it’s not made for those hard core horror thriller fanatics, but I do recommend it. It’s subtle and you might not remember to put this on your list of favorite scary movies, but you’ll be glad you watched it. And just remember, that if anyone tells you that “Dawn is their favorite time of day cause all the best thoughts haven’t been taken” then you might want to reconsider who you’re talking to!

House at the end of the street Movie Review