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Hotel Artemis Movie Review


Hotel Artemis Movie Review: 10 years from now, the streets of LA are rampant with enraged civilians demanding clean water and rioting ever closer to the Hotel Artemis. The hidden in plain sight disheveled building serves as a safe haven for the underground world where members (criminals) drop in to get their wounds patched up by The Nurse (Jodie Foster). Drew Pearce (writer Iron Man 3, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation) makes his directorial debut with this original sci-fi flick, a welcome rarity, which he also wrote, right as we kick off generic summer blockbuster season. Jodie Foster returns to the genre where women have long been given the rightful lead to helm unique stories that showcase they can save the day without a knight in shining armor (except Dave Bautista’s Orderly does help a tad in this). 

Hotel Artemis

Pearce’s Artemis is not over conceptualized like some of the newer movies of this genre that are heavily reliant upon effects and forced futuristic decor. It is a much more realistic and bleek backdrop of our near future; water wars are coming people. There are minimal locales used so story and its characters are at the forefront of the film. You are instantly cast into the criminal’s point of view, starting with brother bank robbers Waikiki (Sterling K. Brown) and Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry) checking-in after a heist gone awry. They are given one of the precious few rooms available for the evening, and receive state-of-the-art (compared to now) medical care including nanobots. Here’s hoping we get that far in 10 years. 

Other down and out guests of the Artemis include annoying arms dealer Acapulco (Charlie Day) and 

Hotel Artemishitwoman Nice (Sofia Boutella). One of the first things that intrigued me about Hotel Artemis was its cast, Jenny Slate and Charlie Day are two of my favorite comedic actors so I knew I had to check them out in this unique thriller. The entire cast is a dream team for Hotel Artemis. Sofia Boutella has been making the rounds in movies of this sort (Atomic Blonde, Kingsman) as a kick-ass female character. Then seeing Jodie Foster, Jeff Goldblum and Sterling K. Brown attached and you know it’s gonna be interesting. The crew is rounded out by other action/sci-fi staples, Zachary Quinto and Dave Bautista.

I hope seeing these names attached to an under the radar film draws audiences to give the film its shot. It may not be a break-out sci-fi feature and gain the numbers it deserves (we’ll see) but I think fans of films like John Wick and the MCU will appreciate Hotel Artemis. While there are some action scenes, special effects, and futuristic toys, they’re not gimmicky or overdone. At times there was generic dialogue, but done with excellent delivery by its stellar cast. There were what I thought to be unnecessary and long flashbacks used to empathize and provide backstory for the Nurse, but I think audiences could have pieced it together without them. They were so different aesthetically that it was too mismatched to the rest of Artemis’ shots, but maybe those were Pearce and cinematographer Chun-hoon Chun’s intentions. 

Hotel Artemis
Hotel ArtemisDIRECTOR:Drew Pearce
STUDIO:Global Road Entertainment
GENRE:Action, Crime
RELEASE DATE:June 8 2018
AUTHOR:Roxy de La Rosa
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