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Review: Get Him to the Greek

Review: Get Him to the Greek


On DVD: 9/28/10
It never crossed my mind that P Diddy could be funny. To my surprise, he was hilarious and played his small part VERY well!! In this great comedy, produced by Judd Apatow (40 year old virgin, Knocked Up), was another one to add to the list of “Must See Comedies.” When Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) gets an opportunity to meet his favorite singer, Aldus Snow (Russell Brand), all he has to do is, fly to England, and escort the rocker back to California for the kickoff of his concert tour for the year. Sound easy? Not with this Rock God.

Aldus Snow is one of the biggest partier in the rock n roll industry. He is known for his drug usage, sleeping around, and somewhat violent behaviors. Jonah now must get Aldus back to the states before the concert starts. But little does Jonah know that Aldus can be very persuasive on where and WHEN he wants to go. When I first heard about this movie i thought to myself, “ehhh it is going to be just OK.” Oh boy was I wrong! I found myself laughing almost all the way through the movie. Of course, the drug usage was a little too much at first, but then they added a little something to it and…Out comes the tears from me laughing to much.

If you love raunchy comedies and just simply love to laugh at other people’s problems, this is the movie for you!

Audrey you prolly know my name cuz of the big letters by my picture. lolz I am from Monterey, CA. I have always loved watching movies. i would go to the theater almost every weekend (when it was cheap). I have been really into kids movies lately. They have just been soooo good! some of my favorite movies/ tv shows are: Taken, Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind, Alice in Wonderland, Up, Planet 51, Blade, Beetlejuice, Brothers, Weeds, That 70s Show