Baby Driver Poster

Baby Driver: Movie Review

Skrrt! Baby Driver is an absolute adrenaline rush, take a Lyft to see this or play Mario Kart afterward because it’ll leave you wanting tear up the road. I absolutely loved Edgar Wright’s (Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim) latest film as it turned out to deliver not only the thrilling caper flick I expected, but also […]
Hell or High Water Poster 2

Hell or High Water : Movie Review

Brothers Toby and Tanner Howard, set out to save the family homestead in David Mackenzie’s Hell or High Water. When their mother dies, the local bank that holds the mortgage to their Ranch is less than forgiving about the family’s financial situation and threatens to take the only asset that they have. Divorced father of […]
Suicide Squad Poster

Suicide Squad: Movie Review

What happens when you get bad people to do good things? You get a ragtag bunch of Meta Humans who are forced into the Suicide Squad. This movie comes to us in the midst of the aftermath that was Batman v Superman, and after the impressive DC panel at Comic-Con that showed us new footage […]
Triple 9 Poster

Triple 9: Movie Review

If you’ve seen enough movies over enough time-and lord knows I’ve seen over a dozen-you can easily recognize trends in the industry that can help guide your movie going tendencies, often without needing to so much as read a single movie review, as crazy as that sounds. For instance, if a studio releases a big, […]

Furious 7: Movie Review

Cards on the table, I really liked the first The Fast and the Furious film. It was a super fun popcorn flick and the action was blistering. The film was full of eye candy and it sported a surprisingly likable cast. I doubt anybody at the time thought the movie would grow into a franchise […]

Focus : Movie Review

From the famous writer/director duo of “Bad Santa”, “I Love You Phillip Morris” and “Crazy, Stupid Love”, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa make a somewhat disappointing caper feature that follows just about every typical con-artist outline. Nicky (Will Smith) is a suave con-man, channeling a classic Cary Grant, as he works with a team of […]

Inherent Vice Movie Review

For me the movie Inherent Vice is a tale of two artists. First, there’s Joaquin Phoenix, an actor who probably does not get the credit he deserves in the mainstream, most likely due to his off screen persona, which can at best be described as eccentric. I’m guilty of this as well, for even though […]

The Gambler Movie Review

The Gambler Movie Review Mark Wahlberg is an enigma to me. While he has managed to perform admirably in a number of films that I truly love, he has also made very perplexing decisions such as taking over as the face of the Transformers movie franchise, the most recent installment being perhaps the most horrible production […]

Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Movie Review

Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’, released in 2005, was first realized as an ultra gritty graphic novel with extremely stylized compositions, super contrasted color pallet (mostly black & white), unforgettably complex characters, and a never-ending supply of sex & violence. So basically, it’s fun for the whole family! Indie director, Robert Rodriguez (known for his attraction […]